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  1. this eleague production quality is incredible. they're doing such a great job explaining the meta and terminology to new viewers without making it annoying for seasoned viewers hell, i'm even learning a lot and i've been watching for almost a year
  2. wait so am i trolling or am i trying to white knight a tranny? you're all over the place man
  3. a true gentleman doesn't DM and tell. and even if i did you'd say it was photoshopped
  4. that's bc she went to the dms ya dingus lol. don't you understand how twitter works? sorry how many models talked to you this week?
  5. today I tried saving Jose Canseco's relationship but it turns out he's a lying dirtbag [Jose's now-deleted tweet where he says his ex girlfriend, supermodel Leila Knight, sent him a vid of her banging her new BF] https://twitter.com/ModelLeila/status/736337902355943424 https://twitter.com/ModelLeila/status/736338177678409728 https://twitter.com/ModelLeila/status/736342676765712385 https://twitter.com/ModelLeila/status/736342904575119360 https://twitter.com/ModelLeila/status/736343167465725955
  6. i must have missed it but does anyone know why they went back in time to see young hodor after bran set the ww on the cave instead of leaving right away?
  7. if he finishes the series it won't be until around 2024
  8. yeah i know he said it but idk if it's true. im getting the sense grrm doesn't give a shit about finishing the books now that he's filthy rich and now he's just letting hbo do what they want with it except for the major story arcs. the hodor death gave me the sense that Hbo was like "hodor is a shit character and we'd like to get rid of him bc we don't need him him for bran's arc. how would you like us to kill him off?" just a theory I read the books too so i'm not just talking out my ass here. the show feels a lot different now and i think it's bc they don't have a book to go off of
  9. my hodor theory: GRRM created him to be a mentally disabled comic relief throw away character and when the show runners found out his character doesn't translate well on screen they came up with the whole "hold the door" backstory to try to give it some depth. killing him off makes it easier to write bran's story arc i also felt nothing when that lizard chick blew herself up bc they just introduced her at the beginning of the episode and i had no emotional attachment to her yet!!!! worst episode of the series so far imo
  10. i was blocked the other day for tweeting an innocuous joke at that account. apparently it's run by the fun police
  11. it's the best thing i've heard since brokeNCYDE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8F5YSA1Oz0
  12. the lead singer of buck cherry has a new rap/rock project and it's amazing
  13. i agree. ninjas aren't nearly as exciting with thruster and radar in the game
  14. hey i don't agree with it either but that's just how it is. sex sells really though in the diluted indie game market I think you might want to rework your pitch so that the focus is on the gameplay and not the characters in the story. games can be fun and have a bad story (borderlands 1) and games that have a good story can be bad. there's no point wasting your time developing a character and their stories if people don't have fun playing the game. the good story and characters should be an added bonus
  15. cortana is a hologram/AI construct and they gave her huge naturals. the market calls for large fun bags on female characters, idk what else to tell you
  16. please unblock me whoever runs the esl halo account. https://twitter.com/ESLHalo/status/732722393865560064?lang=en don't blame me, you set yourself up for the obvious "esl" response edit: order is restored. we can all move on with our lives now
  17. sorry i wasn't very clear. I'm asking why they don't do 15 min OT for tournaments
  18. what's the win/draw ratio for OT games? i hate being forced to watch a minimum 15 more minutes of the same gametype when they end in a draw. 15 minute sudden death OT makes more sense imo
  19. @@Frosty i'll be on around 10 est if you still wanna play
  20. fuck that was amazing. i loved the map aesthetics
  21. @@Moa most of my complaints are the remove radar/ sprint/half the weapons sandbox so my feedback isn't really constructive. as for the new settings updates I haven't had the time to see them in action so i can't contribute anything yet. going back to my treehouse callout complaint, I think in a game where relaying information quickly is important, the extra syllable with 'tree' is useless. the fact that there is no tree in sight is my own personal pet peeve. i just think it could be named something more efficient
  22. who said it was my only complaint? there is still a lot that needs to be changed but I'm not gonna beat a dead horse
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