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  1. NRA dudes are just looking for an excuse to be a hero with their guns so I imagine there would be a lot of incidents if we went that route
  2. they had an armed security guard and and even practiced active shooter drills....
  3. where do i sign up to get one of these legal nukes?
  4. damn looks like the shooter was a MAGA guy gotta keep banning muslims though
  5. No amount of dead children will get those smooth brain gun nuts to give up their assault rifles
  6. v interesting read. next time pls break up the wall of text so it's easier to read. will give my response tomorrow when I'm not 7 beers deep
  7. what is capital? https://www.facebook.com/HappyEndingOnFusion/videos/1776195149114391/
  8. Error 404: file not found great read thanks pimp
  9. you just rick rolled in 2018. or maybe you're getting into irony name me two funny conservative comedians
  10. god damn why are you conservatives so bad at comedy?!?!
  11. president baby brains wants a parade. excellent use of resources no?
  12. that woman is a moron but musk is a union busting shitbag
  13. moral of the story: always open my links bitch There are a lot of things we are fortunate to have here but it's frustrating to see so many preventable problems.
  14. i mean my original point was that America is lacking behind other developed nations when it comes to health care. how is physically going to a country any better than reading researched information? did you go around asking chinese citizens about their health care when you were over there?
  15. ah yes because the only way you can learn about other countries' quality of life is by visiting them personally. fuck reading right? and no shit canada doesn't count. christ you are dense
  16. that's it? that's your point? youre getting lazy man

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