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  1. much appreciated. i know being a mod is hard so I got your back if anything falls through the cracks
  2. I just want what's best for halo and what's best for Halo is consistent forum moderation
  3. hey, mods who recently deleted my post from 6 pages ago..... you forgot to delete the other ones about the sudds i posted too. let's keep it consistent eh?
  4. lol at forum randoms telling pro players how they should look. off season is hell
  5. the leftovers is criminally underrated. season 2 especially
  6. you guys read the seinfeld 9/11 spec script yet? I laughed my ass off https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B50l484pDaMobXI2Wk5CX0NMbkU/view
  7. after watching CLG dominate worlds and pro league, i think it's safe to say that they would at least put up a fight against 07 FB in h2c. don't @ me
  8. time to get out those reaction gifs boys. now's a great time to farm some + rep
  9. he's also a caster for the Chattanooga event. Saw him cast COD at EGLX and he's the real deal https://twitter.com/2050Esports/status/759216059098497024
  10. glad to see they haven't forgotten about mcc. now all we need is a patch to fix hit detection
  11. looking for some people to play with. I'm a silver elite master rn but with an AWP in my hand i play like a gold nova master.
  12. I don't like the crowd excitement meter graphic they keep putting up. how tf do you measure a single cheer in an arena full of people yelling? piss poor lighting on the analyst desk too. other than that i'm enjoying the hell out of this major let's go liquid!
  13. chaos theory had the spy vs mercs game MP mode right? whatever splinter cell that was i played the shit out of it
  14. i would love to know the actual numbers here but i feel if we did they would sell a lot less have they even confirmed that a % of the money is funding a prize pool? supporting the HWC can mean a lot of other things besides funding a prize pool
  15. does the money that supports the orgs go directly to the players or to the org itself? why would i feel the need to support EG if they're owned by amazon?
  16. Trainwreck: first 3/4: not bad. some good jokes, lebron's a lot better at acting than most pro athletes last 1/4: [puts gun in mouth]
  17. my dad got 34 free concert tickets out of the ticketmaster settlement lol
  18. he deserved to die if he couldn't figure that out imo
  19. how have the sudds had a negative impact on the community other than annoying you?
  20. so good i went to punk festival last weekend and now im on a huge punk kick. these guys are so sick
  21. dude they put the face cam up if a player has a chance to clutch it. that's some next level esports production quality
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