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  1. Sorry im in a fightin mood today. Who else wants a piece?
  2. If anyone lives in a bubble it's you gun nut pedants and your need to educate people on what is considered an assault rifle or not like it matters at all
  3. Wait are you saying that the weapon responsible for dozens of mass shootings isn't technically an assault rifle? Wow this changes my view on the ar15 completely
  4. Are gold plated deagles legal? I think that should be the only legal gun
  5. That You don't understand socialists is your problem, not the ideology. Libertarianism is easy to understand (and appealing to morons) bc all it consists of is stripping back regulations and assuming the free market will fix all the problems
  6. Lol libertarians https://twitter.com/LarryWebsite/status/961491036517359616
  7. some people have multiple guitars because they produce different sounds. some people have multiple bicycles because there are different kinds of terrain to ride. I only have one of each at the moment oh and none of them are used to murder people either
  8. you never answered my question. why do you have three ar 15s? why on earth would you need 3?
  9. bombs can't be obtained legally and neither can commercial aircrafts. move along please
  10. lmao why do you have 3 you fkn nerd. that just proves my point. you rambo wannabe and sorry i tried having constructive discussions on the topic many mass shootings ago. im done with that ok and?
  11. i don't wonder. all gun nuts want to do is roleplay as armyman and that's the only reason we don't have positive discussions. they pull off incredible mental gymnastics to justify their stupid hobby with stupid bus or knife death anecdotes
  12. if you think truck and knife killings are just as effective for mass killing then i'm not even gonna bother wasting my time. no one can drive a bus inside school buildings and nobody is gonna stab and kill 17 people alone
  13. why is roleplaying as armyman so important to you guys?
  14. christ are you dumb. my point is that every country in the world has people with mental health issues yet they have far fewer mass shootings. why? because they have strict gun control
  15. weird how there aren't any people from other countries with mental health problems...
  16. Pretty sure most super hero movies never get nominated any awards. But if it does I'll dig this up in no time
  17. what state is that? there are a lot of shithole states
  18. no i've seen what happens in saving private ryan to that one flamethrower guy. not ideal
  19. this isn't very PC of me but guns are super fucking gay and only manchildren who want to roleplay as army men like them sorry to those who i offended
  20. thats rick's i mean just look at his desktop background

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