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  1. 343 is gonna knows they really need to suck up to us now to regain our trust, so why don't we just make them our bitches and have them patch the games* until they're perfect? if mcc isn't perfect i won't buy h5 *
  2. 1.give us a patch that replaces the H1 and H2C pc ports with remastered console versions 2.Optional HUD for H1 with the score and time remaining displayed 3. bed time moved from 10pm to 10:30 (please) 4. The heads of microsoft shareholders mounted on spikes for me to urinate on whenever I please 5. save clips in the dvr in 60fps
  3. I think it's time we destroy capitalism and murder the shareholders
  4. who deserves most of the blame for this? Give me names so I can scream at them until this game works
  5. even if you're crouching and moving at .0001 mph, the audio is still full sprint. you can't even sneak up br tower if the other team sets up in 2v2 and they have astros
  6. the footsteps are way too loud in h2a. even when you crouch and walk slow you still hear the footstep audio as if you were running full speed
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