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  1. after being stuck at GN master for 3 weeks, I have finally ranked up to MG1. anyone of a similar rank wanna play? i'm afraid I'll lose it if I solo queue lol
  2. extraction was a great game type that's the only good thing i can say about halo 4
  3. we should all go on a hunger strike until 343 agrees to work with MLG. it's our only option now
  4. I wish mlg won the bid for the major only bc i live close to columbus and i want to go to a major. ELEAGUE will do a great job though. their production value is better imo
  5. can't wait for s2. i loved every minute of s1
  6. lmao do you wear a glove on the other hand?
  7. finally got a positive K/D ratio and win % (ranked GN 3). proud of myself since i never played an fps w/ keyboard mouse until I started playing CS in May
  8. i'd rather deal with the mcc vista port than proper h2 on columbian hosts. if xbc ever comes back i'll be all over it though
  9. RIP xbc. playing h2 after the mcc announcement during summer 2k14 were the best halo days of my life. and then MCC came out and, well, you know the rest
  10. that flag ground pound on Colosseum was nuts
  11. i like how you snipe them after you get the spawn stick. great vid man
  12. re: rick's background I am honestly triggered he's not even holding the fucking steering wheel. what a stupid fucking background
  13. lmfao of course that's yours rick. nothing more badass than a dare bumper sticker edit: after a little research I found out that reagan was left handed and now this wallpaper has me triggered. why did he punch a hole through the windshield to shoot a gun with his right hand? wouldn't it be easier if he kept the windshield in tact and shot the gun out the window with his left hand? my background is this cool pic of my grandma
  14. CS is so much cooler than halo https://clips.twitch.tv/omenchallenge/HealthyElkStrawBeary Gold Nova 1 here. Hmu on steam: Girlfriendhaver
  15. Let's check in on Tsquared and see how his Counterstrike pro league debut is going... https://oddshot.tv/shot/ESL_CSGO/UzrTGdAvTGdOCr8Je_T0koGD
  16. man i was really liking those JW to NIP rumors too
  17. My Halo story: July 22nd, 2002- Played Halo CE for the first time April 19th, 2015- Got 100-0'd on Lockdown Oddball by CLG on LAN October 30th, 2015- Played in the first ever live streamed tournament match of H5 (we lost bad) April 30th, 2016: Walshy bought me Tim Horton's breakfast at EGLX bc I gave him rides to the venue all weekend May 1st, 2016: Retired while on top
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