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  1. For people with normal, not-blown-out anuses (ani?), even a simple shot could be a messy process.
  2. You probably don't even need a funnel to get it all in there
  3. Six beers and a joint is as fucked up as i like to get. Fuck that blacking out shit
  4. lol please show me "all the dems" who cheered the vegas shooting
  5. brad... you've posted your pic in this thread before lmao. we know what you look like
  6. Spoken like a true out of touch rural re tard.
  7. It's cool that votes of rural re tards count as more
  8. I love being willfully ignorant!! I will never read a book
  9. Does it bother you that it's illegal to purchase a rocket launcher?
  10. What's your argument in court besides "muh freedom"
  11. Ok so they come to take all the guns besides small caliber bolt action rifles and pistols with magazines that hold less than 8 rounds or whatever the normal amount is Ban all the accessories that make it easier to kill large amounts of people
  12. Semi auto rifles with large clips or magazines or whatever
  13. Banning ar15s is the first step. No shit they're not gonna take away all the guns at once. Quit dodging the question homies. When they ban assault weapons what are you going to do?
  14. this discussion isn't whether they should be banned or not. it's whether you'd be willing to shoot a service member or cop or whoever comes to take your ar15
  15. i think it's a fair discussion given all this talk about assault weapon bans. do you really like the ar15 that much?
  16. so you would kill american soldiers so you can shoot paper targets with your ar15?
  17. The part where rambo mowed down American soldiers
  18. Even if they send the troops to do it?
  19. When they come to take your guns are you guys gonna let them or are you gonna shoot whoever comes to confiscate them? Serious question
  20. Sounds like someone is jealous he didn't get invited to hotbox

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