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  1. this movie owned really focuses on how the govt reacts to a godzilla attack
  2. sounds interesting. i've got a couple really good craft beer places around me so I'll keep an eye out
  3. haven't tried that one yet. I've been on an IPA kick the last two years so I haven't really tried any new stouts recently. is the peanut butter flavor strong? I've never been a fan of those 'unusual' ingredient beers
  4. widely available as in available in every state or just sold at most stores? sam smith's oatmeal stout is my favorite. I've seen it sold outside craft beer places a handful of times
  5. all in good fun bro. I love defending U2 almost as much as i love defending the sudds rchp are cool but they tour all the time and tbh I'll probably go to the weeknds set bc thats where all the hunnies will be
  6. I think y'all are letting bono's personal antics get in the way of objectively critiquing their music. Yes, bono is an annoying egotistical douche but god damnit the man can sing and he knows how to control a crowd. There are very few bands who can put on a better live show imo. and they didn't become proggy dad rock until the 2000s. up until then they were more of a post punk band but i don't expect you to know that since your only exposure to the band is probably only the new shit they play on the radio or that episode of south park where they make fun of bono. go listen to the deep tracks of 'war' and then tell me it's dad rock
  7. you bet your ass I'll listen to U2 (pre 2001) all night. I'm even buying a snakeskin cowboy hat and some red aviators for my bono costume during their set. and the weeknd is hot wet garbage and i can't wait to skip him for a better, smaller act
  8. i actually love u2 (from the 80's and 90s) and even them doing a 30th anniversary joshua tree (their best album) show doesn't redeem this shitty lineup. I've seen u2 4 times RHCP 3 times fuck the weekend rest of the top half is all mediocre never heard of anyone listed after superjam looks like i'm gonna be looking for a new camping festival next year
  9. fuck bonnaroo just keeps getting shittier. looks like my 7th year will be my last no jam bands, no punk, no metal, and weak hip hop artists but a bunch of shitty edm and some dude who wears a marsmello mask. fuck live nation
  10. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5027774/?ref_=nm_flmg_wr_1 I've been waiting for this to come out for a few years now. Martin Mcdonough is my fav director/screenwriter and I'm really excited about the cast of mcdormand/dinklage/rockwell and harrelson
  11. I've seen this performed live four times and it's worth every penny. one of the best live bands of all time
  12. best coachella lineup in awhile
  13. that's not even the most fucked up aphex twin music video. the salad fingers guy made this one NSFW MODS PLEASE DON'T BAN ME
  14. yep. it's twice as good as any beer in the same price range. I used to go to this dive bar by my dad's house that had it on tap for $1.50. those were some of the best nights of my drinking life
  15. it felt like V-E day when when they finally made it available in Ohio. I live like 20 min from the PA border so for a long time we had to go on a trek just to get it. now that we've for a few years i feel like the novelty is gone and now it's just another beer. It's still my go to when i'm looking for cheap beer though
  16. lol this reminds me of my favorite youtube video. Look at how fucked up they all were after their bonnaroo set lol (I was at that show nbd) you can tell they forgot they had committed to an interview after the show lol I watch this whenever I'm feeling down but to answer your question: I am excited for new wu tang
  17. the new preoccupations (formerly Viet Cong) album is pretty good. not as good as their first album but it's still one of the better things to come out of 2016
  18. after being stuck at GN master for 3 weeks, I have finally ranked up to MG1. anyone of a similar rank wanna play? i'm afraid I'll lose it if I solo queue lol
  19. extraction was a great game type that's the only good thing i can say about halo 4
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