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  1. Only after I watch the last samurai The hair gets them back to my place but I really seal the deal when I show them my halo montages
  2. Man you fantasize about gay shit all the time. I'm not one to shame though. I'll just be over here getting pieces of ass whenever I want
  3. All the haters are guys who are balding at age 28
  4. I'm not trying to get all high school locker roomy here so let's just say I've had some success. Believe what you want though
  5. Put that shit up in a bun and the women will swarm. Trust me
  6. Hydrates with monster energy looking bitch. Owns 4 different pairs of camoflauge cargo shorts lookin ass. Ya boi asking grandma to take pics for him so he can dm them to 17yr olds
  7. man i wish i had that pic brad posted. fkn genetic disaster
  8. Why don't you care about income inequality?
  9. Teachers deserve twice what they make
  10. is the study the article cites fake too?
  11. I always assumed that negs on my posts were Mobile accidentstoo, right guys?
  12. Personally I don't give a shit that Trump had consentual sex with a pornstar. Wish people would focus on the actual problematic things he's doing
  13. He knows he's not needed because Trump is doing a fantastic job
  14. Who in particular? Are you talking about Isis using social media or what?
  15. Yes i think it's doing more good. It gives a voice to everyone, not just the media elite. Now if people were smart enough not to put themselves in an echo chamber then I think it would do even more good. I mostly follow lefty political stuff but at the same time they are people who debate and criticize other leftys. It's not an unusual occurance for me to see one of my beliefs challenged by someone who I agree with most of the time and I think that's a good thing. Unfortunately most of those on the right don't have that kind of self awareness and just end up retweeting re tarded Facebook memes made by your racist uncle
  16. No. I think social media is great for global interconnectivity. Things just seem like they're getting shittier bc now we're aware of how awful the world is. There are bad sides to it like echo chambers and or fake information or learning how stupid your racist uncle is but I think overall it's good for society
  17. you say this like they would ever consider having sex with you in the first place
  18. He's busy getting more pussy than all of us
  19. Gold plated desert eagles should be the only legal gun
  20. Rick won't get weed bc he knows it'll turn him into a commie
  21. I'm with cypress. This thread is for discussing politics and cypress' fucked up anus only
  22. I figured your anus was a disaster but to be able to fit multiple v8 engines in your ass is truly amazing

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