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  1. this is gonna be so good
  2. just got back from bonnaroo Good: warpaint (#1 show. they brought it) future islands U2 (played joshua tree in its entirety and had the coolest stage setup i've ever seen) umphrey's mcgee travis scott RHCP portugal, the man Bad The xx (this was the most bland and boring shit i've ever heard) chance (too much gospel stuff, didn't go that hard) Chrystal castles
  3. good to hear. i'll be seeing them at bonnaroo in 10 days
  4. Leftovers haters do not read this!!! . . . . . . . . Leftovers fans: wow what a heavy episode!
  5. didn't you only watch 3 episodes?
  6. only pussies need closure
  7. the leftovers fucks with the audience in a way no other show has ever been able to achieve. the season 2 finale was one of the most torturous episodes of tv i've ever watched just because how closely it paralleled the traumatizing first ep of that season.
  8. yeah season 2 and 3 so far are perfection
  9. [does the religious hand gesture thing in an ironic and condescending way] amen
  10. i highly recommend sigur ros if you get the chance
  11. 7 years since the last lcd album and they still got it
  12. ah, now i see why you're against socialized medicine. women with full dental coverage would probably bite off your hog given the chance
  13. lmao at all those rich fucks stuck at fyre festival. that's what you get for spending thousands of dollars to go see blink 182
  14. idk i think it's pretty good but Andromeda is definitely the best of the bunch. the other two are just ok but I've always been like 50/50 on gorillaz songs. I'm really hoping the Kali uchis tracks are dope bc i feel like she's a great feature for their style
  15. been waiting years for this
  16. https://youtu.be/bjeq3NYUw2M
  17. ok let me help you out: the whole meatloaf bit was just a joke. I listened to that album a lot when i was a kid and i'm very nostalgic towards it but I don't actually believe that it's a top 10 album of the 90s. I don't know anything about rock opera and im sorry for acting like i did i stand by the things I say in the politics thread as i believe them to be true. i may not present my arguments in the most coherent manner but i do follow and read about the things i post
  18. did I offended the rock opera enthusiasts? I don't know much about rock opera so maybe I'm missing some of the good stuff
  19. it's the only good rock opera
  20. bat out of hell II is a top 10 90s album
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