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  1. This is a band for you if you like 90's alternative rock my band opened for these guys in pittsburgh back in March they whip ass. super nice guys too
  2. My sources say that will not happen
  3. i predict that the asteroid is gonna hit dusty depot and that they are bringing in vehicles for season 5
  4. just played this on xbox after playing it on PC since may and it was honestly the worst gaming experience of my life. Do not buy this game on console. It is unplayable and will probably remain that way for awhile. At least until they add in auto aim
  5. this is the most insane music video i have ever seen
  6. Ear plugs are a must at live shows. not only do they protect your hearing but they also make it easier to make out lyrics and they make everything else sound better.
  7. idk if this is alt but it's the only christian tune i like besides the veggietales theme song
  8. the new protomartyr is my AOTY
  9. children of men is my #2 movie behind in bruges. so fucking good
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