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  1. I'm stoked to see Pro Players pushing out content, I don't think they realize how much fans want to know about them. Most players take the wealth of potential revenue they have for granted by not realizing that we just want to see more of them, in game and out of game.
  2. I honestly can't say I've seen any player as dedicated to the game as ContrA is. Extremely diligent and an absolute student of the game. Not my practice nub anymore :'( Seriously though, I'd be surprised if we don't see him become an absolute super star :] #FanBoi I'm so proud
  3. Friend bet me five dollars I couldn't force a real smile for the picture. I lost five sweet sweet dollars that day.
  4. Lets not forget the teams dominating online going into an event ended up winning those events. This game is a lot more consistent online than any other Halo :]

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