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  1. I cant wait for Riot games to randomly "test" the gamemode "URF" in their official league!
  2. From what i have seen so far this game seems very boring for a spectator, "Empire" is just so dull and seems to have alot of dead areas where nothing happens..
  3. Star Wars = Halo CE Empire Strikes back = Halo 2 Return of the Jedi = Halo 3 Phantom Jar Jar = Halo 4 ...............
  4. Decrease speed when carrying flag. Remove grenade hit markers Nerf the screen shaking when grenades explode or take off the effect More classic Halo medals Please replace the Halo 4 jeff steitzer voiceover with halo 2,3 or even Reach For the most part I was very pleased with what i saw with Halo 2A but if this game is used for competitive it needs 1-2 more 4v4 maps
  5. Something small but kind of urks me : Q: Alot of the gameplay from the E3 demo seemed to have a ton of Halo 4 "assets" ( medals, kill names in middle, weapon models, etc), is this most likely final or just placeholder?
  6. Good luck getting viewers for their events.. no way over 1k legit ppl want Halo 4
  7. lol i keep hearing 2-3 people reacting
  8. Is there a large amount of spectators? The crowd seems non existent
  9. I still dont see how over 1k want Halo 4.....
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