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  1. I cant wait for Riot games to randomly "test" the gamemode "URF" in their official league!
  2. From what i have seen so far this game seems very boring for a spectator, "Empire" is just so dull and seems to have alot of dead areas where nothing happens..
  3. Star Wars = Halo CE Empire Strikes back = Halo 2 Return of the Jedi = Halo 3 Phantom Jar Jar = Halo 4 ...............
  4. Decrease speed when carrying flag. Remove grenade hit markers Nerf the screen shaking when grenades explode or take off the effect More classic Halo medals Please replace the Halo 4 jeff steitzer voiceover with halo 2,3 or even Reach For the most part I was very pleased with what i saw with Halo 2A but if this game is used for competitive it needs 1-2 more 4v4 maps
  5. Something small but kind of urks me : Q: Alot of the gameplay from the E3 demo seemed to have a ton of Halo 4 "assets" ( medals, kill names in middle, weapon models, etc), is this most likely final or just placeholder?
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