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  1. What does ESL do that is so bad, apart from scheduling the same weekend as TwitchCon?
  2. please have points if you want to team, I dont want eg round 2. Message Infinnnity Need two teammates by the cup time today
  3. still looking message me on xbox or invite me to your team on gamebattles
  4. GT: Infinnnity F/A for tomorrows cup, 495 Points.
  5. Hey 495 Points My gamertag is: Infinnnity I'm a free agent for the ladder and all tournaments. Looking for a serious team trying to make it to Regionals. I can play every night pretty late after I get off work and on my days off. Thanks
  6. Gamertag: Infinnnity Looking for a fourth to grind some ladder tonight to try you out, so far we have like 18 wins. We use teamspeak to talk, message me on xbox or reply if you are interested or need help setting up teamspeak.
  7. Looking for one tonight! Trying to finalize a fourth by tomorrow night so we can start grinding the ladder. We use teamspeak to communicate and my gamertag is Infinnnity
  8. Two questions: Anyone know what happens with roster changes once the ladder starts with points involved? Other question, has the hit registration gone down for anyone else? I feel like the servers are sinking a bit.
  9. To3 with lan experience looking for a fourth. We placed top 4 and top 8 in two of the esl cups losing to liquid both times. Looking for a solid fourth who isn't awkward/good chemistry. Also we use teamspeak to communicate so must be willing to download it and use your pc to communicate. Gamertag: Infinnnity Looking to run almost everynight. Thanksgiving we will be on late around 9 or so EST time.
  10. Gonna bump this, looking for a fourth to run around 9:30 PM EST Tonight
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