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  1. whatever ill stop posting and just lurk from now on. 


    i love everyone. 


    computers make me seem mean. 


    i love competitive halo, and like talking about teams, and how to beat clg.


    but whatever. yall win.


    im not a bad person. i love this community so much. 


    sorry @@Rayne its sports people are gonna talk about you as the scene grows and you wont have control over it. dont take it the wrong way but you are a young guy with a promising future. I just dont think you are better than ninja right now. if you take that personal im sorry. prove me wrong and ill gladly admit it. 

    Dude. Prove you wrong? You're not someone worth proving anything to man. You come post on the forums with 0 background in being good at halo ever talking about "sources" and "analyzing". Just stop. You're trying to make yourself seem way more credible than you are. I don't care about stats. i've said that before i dropped a 1.22 at worlds, and I say it now. All I care about is placements in halo 5. Throw those in your analysis while you're at it.

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  2. It's that, but another thing people really overlook about that World's Elevate squad is how perfectly Rayne and Penguin fit together. Rayne creates so many opportunities for Slayers, and he's currently doing the same dirty work for Mikwen and Ola.


    Side note, but I'm actually really pleased (or at least satisfied) with the latest aim update. Being able to match my X/Y sensitivities has made my aim take off.


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  3. lol, you tha man. I was extremely pleased that you teamed with Ola/Mikwen. How's it been so far? You guys seem really relaxed and constructive most of the time

    I am extremely pleased as well. Nobody has an ego (except me :kappa: ) and takes criticism well which is the most important aspect of a team imo. And yeah like you said we just clown around and Crack jokes so we get along well outside of the game too.
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