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  1. Not going to lie, I'd like to see Rayne and Shooter with two young gods. Trapping and Articc maybe?
  2. Appreciate it my dude. Everyone has their opinion that's all good I just don't like seeing old tired stigmas floating around figured I'd inform some fools.
  3. I was a nerdy player who didn't focus on slaying months ago. The meta changed and now I shifted my focus to slaying before obj. My stats have been good for months now. You guys are using outdated information to judge my playstyle.
  4. You gotta stop looking at stats as the end all be all man. APG does an incredible amount of pushes for the team that open up the map for Tommy and Joey to put up those numbers. They'd be the first to tell you that. He'll get 2 people weak and die but we'll clean up the kills. That's an 0-1 on his statline but we made a successful push as a team behind him. Not bashing you or your opinion im just telling you what I see playing with him every single day.
  5. Jokes on you I get half the cut of your premium membership.
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14x2SuGOtB30sQbNb87jU7FhSgFmzAQjT8iHWEriuKXY/htmlview did I kill your dudes dogs or something I didn't have a game close to that bad lol. Anyway looking forward to the rest of the tournament enjoy everyone still a shit ton of halo left gonna be fun.
  7. Why does royal 2 quit whenever we start to pull away in a game.
  8. Rayne


    Big fans of Hamy
  9. I appreciate every viewer I get. But I don't dip to look good. You don't like it don't tune in. I'm gonna play halo how I play halo in my home regardless of if anyones watching or not. If you don't like it oh well. Also the noise never comes through the mic. I do it silently.
  10. Stellur and I were both in that game. I went into the film he was 1 nading full shields people. 2nd time I've watched a kid run around with an AR the entire game and melting with it in FFA. not sure if it's a mod or a glitch but it's pretty lit.
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