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  1. So there is no stream schedule for this tourney? Is this how HCS is gonna work? i dont understand whats going on. how are we supposed to follow this shit when we have nothing. am i just missing something here?
  2. No not the same.. similar tho. You get better fed back that way
  3. Everyone here has a different opinion on everything. God were an horrible community.
  4. Yeah... ik your probably right. waste of my time i guess. To be upset still is extremely silly in my eyes... but whatever. im done for today
  5. I mean.......it definitely sucks. like there was no actual guaranteed this was gonna bring back the halo 2 days. Halo 2 died cause halo 3 came out and the game got old...We have and pretty shitty looking halo 5 coming out next year. At least we have our own e-sports thing going now. At least halo is back in the sense that its gonna be around online and tournaments alot more. Im still really excited for the future even with all this. The future is still bright my friend. Stay positive
  6. yes i understand what your saying and i agree with you. Just ignore my comment about the concept not meaning anything. All i was trying to say from the start was that there is no reason some people should be as mad as their claiming to be. There is no reason you should allow something like this to get you steamed. There is much bigger things in this world right now that actually matter. Being mad over this just sounds silly to me. I understand people spent alot money and alot time off work to grind this game. I know it must suck but oh well. get over it. Just take a chill pill and focus on something else until this gets fixed
  7. You paid 500 dollars to a play a game that will be broken for hmmmm... maybe a month max( dont even think it will be close to that long). Thats just my opinion tho. Not trying to start anything here
  8. but that concept dosnt mean anything when it comes to video games
  9. not really at all. Yes they made the game cause the big thing was to make money..... but i mean its not like they dont care about halo. Im sure they thought the idea was cool to begin with and wanted to see halo shine again. I honestly blame microsoft for making them rush the game. i believe that was the real issue here
  10. Did you just compare a car to 60 dollar game... or a game in general? two totally different things...
  11. people need to calm down.. should just be thankful your gonna get to play old halo again. It sucks what happened.. oh well get over it. You could not have the game at all. 343 didnt have to make this game. but they did.
  12. Oh a small issue.... has anyone noticed the lip syncing for campaign is allways a little off? I know if u switch between new graphics and original that it messes it up a bit. but it seems even some times it will not match right on its own! I just havnt seen anyone else bring this issue up. idk maybe its just my game.
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