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  1. We all know how annoying Halo 5 FFA is; your average deaths per game are probably 15-20. Well earlier today I hopped in my first game of the day and went 25-1 playing against High Champion players. Also I tweeted this picture after this game and my accuracy and damage didn't add up correctly (probably because I only had 1 death, honestly I don't know how damage and accuracy are recorded in this game but yeah). My damage was "311" and my accuracy was "47.2". I had 7 perfects this game and my accuracy was way above 60% in my opinion, but who knows lol. Enjoy
  2. I recently started to read the forums and I've should of done this a while ago. Everything on here is comedy and entertaining. Feels good to be back.
  3. So, I get home from work and I hear the commentators talking about EG during the whole series. 1) You are suppose to be a commentator and "commentate the game" 2) Let's just say if I wasn't a Halo fan and I was tuning in for the first time (I wouldn't know what they are talking about) I would be more entertained if they were commentating and discuss what's going on in that specific moment. (Double Kills, Sick montage kills, anything relevant that would make a viewer understand) 3)You would be more hyped if the commentators would get into more and viewers would stay longer. I understand it's a Pro team vs an Amateur team but still, that's not the point. The point is for the viewers understand the action and act like if they were there. 4)In my opinion I would be bored out of my mind if they kept doing that for every series. They only get intense when it's a Pro team vs another Pro Team. Trust me, viewers would stay and the stream and HALO would continue the grow. (And we need Halo to grow if we want Halo to be back). Look at Puckett during the Halo 3 Days EVEN during the Reach days, that dude was hyped between each series and even after the series EVEN IN THE MLG TOP 10s LOL! 5)Lastly, if everyone was hyped and wasn't so bland more viewers would come and there would be more fans. Think about it, CLG, EG, OpTic, Cloud 9 (HUGE ORGANIZATIONS) fans are probably watching Halo for the first time and saying "Wow is this really all they about during the games" "Where is the fun in this" They probably don't say it like this but me just turning on the stream and the commentators talk about pointless stuff is pretty boring. I would understand if they talked about it briefly but they did it the whole game. -_- Well this was my opinion and what do you guys think about this? -Chance
  4. IS Beyond Ent. the ones doing the Top 5 Halo MCC Clips or is that someone else? Can someone link me where to submit my clip?
  5. Team Name Reach kids v.09 Winner: Reach kids v.09 Round: Round 2 Score2-0

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