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  1. Looking for two experienced players for HWC ladder & next qualifier. We have 1,000 pts. Also we play late nights during the week. 11PMEST +. So a late night schedule is needed GT=SeRiiaL GT=Fuei
  2. I've gotten a lot of messages but still havn't found anyone we felt comfortable teaming with. Looking to have team set by Sunday for HCS ladder
  3. Need 2 high level players for upcoming HCS tournaments. We are on late nights during the week, and all day on weekends. Msg one of us to run games on XBL. Dont check this site often. We recently placed 2nd in the PGL 2s tournament losing to Snakebite and Royal 2 in the finals. GT=Fuei GT=SeRiiaL
  4. Why would you cut out a majority of the player base by having weekly tournaments at 2:30 PM west coast/5:30 EST. Majority people are at work/school during this time?
  5. Really hope you guys stick to this. Breakout is just not Halo in any way. Have a breakout only tournament or something if you really want to showcase it that much 343. But combining the two just doesnt make sense. The two gametypes are just too different.
  6. Is that why 343 hired pro players, to make a pro team inhouse, to help with competitive game design?
  7. Breakout just does not work on a competitive level. It's not halo in the slightest. I've been pumped for this game for so long. I was literally thinking the only way they could ruin the H5 experience would be to shove breakout down our throats and force it into Arena and HCS. AR/Pistol starts with the pistol being skillful and useful, low auto aim, skillful strafing, good variety of playable maps..The game has so much potential even with the game not shipping with basic halo features(Forge, not all gametypes, possibility of no theater/file search at launch). You might bring in some new spectators for breakout, but you will lose the hardcore halo base that makes up the majority of viewers and players.You need to keep HCS gametypes and main game as similar as possible.Otherwise you will split the competitive community, and make it more confusing for viewers. This is a really bad decision and doesnt flow with Classic TS/CTF Halo. I really hope this doesnt come to fruitition and you reconsider forcing this into HCS and the main arena playlist. If anthing be logical about it. Have your seperate Breakout Arena playlist just like in the December beta. See how much more popular the main game is compared to the breakout list and go from there.
  8. What do you mean by zero support? That seems like a huge slap in the face to all the sponsors that sponsored all these 65 tournaments. Not to mention a huge slap to the players/customers that attended and sold out a majority of your events. Obviously having two gaming companies involved in Halo E-Sports is a good thing, so Ill leave it alone.
  9. Halo community is like a beaten housewife. MLG dropped halo and didn't want anything to do with the game that made them who they are, now that halo esports is gaining traction again they want to come back and everyone is pumped again. At least 343 is keeping EGL around so we wont be stranded when MLG bolts again.
  10. Tweet from Bravo said its an error hey, this would definitely be an error. thanks for sending over, having the team take a look now.
  11. Hey mods, its now 5pm, the round 1 game in our bracket no one has still been advanced. Please make a decision so we can play whoever you advance.
  12. No one was announced a win in round 1 between 404 and ex. Think they are having connection issues...We are in RD 2 waiting on the winner of them. What do we do?
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