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  1. Only for party's of 4 and they put party matching even in social pretty stupid if you ask me, it should only be in ranked.
  2. Is it locking in like that? or are they gone when the game starts if so that just means they dodged or lagged out.
  3. Or make it time people out where it won't search anymore, you can literally search forever until you back out yourself. So stupid that it doesn't have something in place if someone is afk it should kick them back to lobby after the game.
  4. So is there a reason they haven't advertised this what so ever? No tweets no emails nothing this was a perfect time to email all 40k + people who signed up. This could have been really fun. instead i am stuck matching the same people over and over again.
  5. It is available to everyone who signed up so i was right about this week.
  6. I am pretty sure this means it is opening up to everyone this week.
  7. If everything goes as planned everyone who signed up for insider will be in next week. I expect things to move real quick after phase 2. i am also pretty sure we will get a announcement the week after that on when the update is dropping.
  8. https://twitter.com/ikgrubb/status/1020509443945975808
  9. Phase 2 got delayed great wonder how long it will take to fix this issue.
  10. I had a corrupt build myself i have had to reinstall the game 3 times now kind of annoying but it looks like they are working on a fix.
  11. I think you are really underestimating the halo 3 population on mcc we can easily populate 4 or 5 playlist. I am just curious how much have you actually played of mcc? You seem pretty out of touch with anything mcc related.
  12. More updates will come after the first one and the custom game browser was confirmed for a later update.
  13. What high horse telling him to get involved and give feedback like the rest of us are? I never once said i am helping fix the game more than anyone else. I care about h3 more than the other games but i still want everyone to get what they want. Like i have said there was a public survey what ever the playlist line up is what the majority wanted if it is a lot of halo 3 than that is what people wanted.
  14. Halo 3 has the highest population and it will always be that way on mcc so yeah it deserves the most playlist. I am not the only one in that discord the playlist line up isn't just going off of what we want, it is going to go off of the survey that was public. We don't even know what the new line up is yet it could be good for everyone. Like i said i am not the only one in the discord our main goal was to get doubles for halo 3 that is it. It turned into a little more where we were helping gather game types and maps for other playlists. So if there is still a lot of halo 3 playlist after the new line up it is because majority voted for it in the public survey.
  15. Hey i am happy we are getting anything stop bitching if you want the game to be good start giving feedback and get involved. I hated 343 myself but i still want mcc to be the best it can be even if its 3 years later.
  16. I am guessing we are getting pretty close to the big update coming out. The full game being available with this flight is probably to get the small remaining bugs fixed. I am pretty hyped to see what has changed wonder if all the UI/Menu changes will be in this one.
  17. The update alone will bring a good amount of people back. I just hope the update is really good and can hold peoples attention, the next flight is next week and that will be the entirety of mcc so we will see how much they have gotten done/fixed.
  18. Some Stuff postums has said in the discord, Not much but some of it is interesting.
  19. I have Been playing the updates and have seen a good amount of improvements myself. I am not a big 343 fan but i have personally talked to some of the guys and respect the fact that they have been responding to feedback, They are in discords talking to the different community's from mcc and keeping us updated on what they plan on doing. I do get where you are coming from though i felt the same way before they announced this update.
  20. Do you not believe they are actually fixing the game or something?
  21. Before the official flight times kicked off i played over 100 h3 1v1s.
  22. The one in my signature but i wouldn't go in there talking about how this line up is bad pretty much all of us in there fought for this line up.
  23. Just now noticing there isn't a playlist for halo 4 but it makes sense i can barely get a game now in Halo 4 on mcc.
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