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  1. Need 3 for H2A HCS possible forge maps customs msg Noko Ono for invite
  2. Need a team for S2 GT is Noko Ono I'm always on at nights and mostly during the day on Weekedns
  3. I haven't been playing halo as long as most of you on here here but I can assure I'm s fast learner Looking for online team for right now. Message me if you want to play sometime.
  4. Noko


    Oh and GT= Nokopls
  5. Looking for a team to play with Experienced
  6. Add me GT Nokopls. Don't have many friends to play halo with on the one so add me either way if you want.
  7. Add me if you want to play games GT Nokopls
  8. Msg or add me if you wanna try and run games GT Nokopls
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