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  1. Recently starting playing mcc again after slowing falling out of touch with all other games I play. I wish Halo would pull a cod and suddenly go back to what it was and should be. Also, smg starts are incredibly annoying and I'm surprised 343 hasn't removed them all together.
  2. Anyone have the bracket for hcs Vegas ? Didn't even know there was a tournament in Las Vegas since I haven't followed Halo for a bit, might go.
  3. Joining optic doesn't automatically give you a free ride to hundreds of thousands of subs, but joining the brand and actually pushing quality content will help you grow a hell of a lot faster. Look at Flame, mboze and maniac they absolutely had zero audience before joining optic and now they're successful in the youtube world. The players that have joined optic and left in a few weeks/months truly aren't the ones to look at because most of them made no commitment or effort to actually use the org to its fullest potential.
  4. So.. whens the first game scheduled to play? want to set a reminder because I like to forget things
  5. How can you think this? The game launched with no doubles, team snipers, big team, etc. Halo 5 had and still has one of the worst playlist variety of any Halo game, ever.
  6. This is my biggest issue with clamber. Not being able to jump backwards up obstacles is extremely annoying. They're multiple instances EVERY GAME on The Rig where i'm in a gun battle trying to get to one of the strongholds but can't because of how clamber was implemented.
  7. Seriously, doesn't feel like i'm playing on 14 different sensitivities anymore. Just got more perfects in one game than I did in the last five combined. Why the default is 20% inner and 10% outer amazes me
  8. Welp didn't even realize you could change the inner and outer dead zones
  9. Nope. Does that make it feel like other halo games?
  10. My god my aim on halo 5 is awful. Took a bit of a break from console games and literally can't aim for shit on this game but aim fine on others. I'm assuming this is the aiming problem everyone keeps talking about or do i just suck ? Feels weird just moving my crosshair around
  11. the game wont even start for me. Keeps giving me error code 0x87de0017. Literally not one enjoyable halo on this console.
  12. "Halo 4 was a phenomenal video game." -ign guy http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/fantendo/images/d/d8/Office-no.gif/revision/latest?cb=20140321171404
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