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  1. Servers have been trash lately, literally a different game
  2. I can see both sides for the paying 16 argument, Lethul is semi right in saying that teams outside top 4 don't get a whole lot but 75k for an open event isn't great but its much better than what we've had. However there should be more incentive for AM teams to attend events especially when we are struggling to get 50 teams at an event. When UGC tried paying top 16 back in H2A they only had a 22k prize pool so it was pretty stupid especially the way the divided it, but with 75k it can spread more evenly. Another thing is the top 8 teams are getting paid to play in the Pro League on top of the money they make from placing at events which AM's don't get.
  3. 100% this next season has to have a better open structure, we can't afford to lose more players
  4. 1. Snakebite 2. Lethul 3. Snipedown 4. Penguin 5. Royal 2 6. Frosty 7. Bubu Dubu 8. Huke 9. Stellur 10. Rayne IMO
  5. Let @@PROVERB and his team run the tournament part of the event and let ESL or whoever ran the production for S1 and S2 finals run the production. Best of both worlds.
  6. Kinda Late but I'd like to thank UGC and everyone involved in organizing this event, these guys really do have a passion for Halo and it shows in their work. Hopefully 343 takes notice and works with them at some point. It was one of the most exciting and nostalgic events Halo has had in a while, great job guys. - FFA champ
  7. E6 is literaly making a joke of the Pro League with all of this shit. You can tell they were just trolling throughout that Regret TS.
  8. I know the super secret org info everyone wants and i would tell you guys but damN thIs oNline Joke of A forum iS gettINg out of control, it's PracticallY Just A MASsive circle jerk
  9. Snipedown on Optic would be really cool to see and good for the scene, doubtful though.
  10. They ran the 2nd open event for H2A UGC St Louis, nicely ran event had the most teams out of any H2A open event around 100 if i remember correctly. They also run stuff at their LAN center.
  11. Hopefully 343 announces a more solid structure for the HCS after the S1 Finals with Open events and more pro league spots #prayers also If anyone signed up for the FFA and can't/ doesn't want to play i would love to play
  12. No LAN tounreys to compete in or watch for a while now and then next one comming up has 4 teams....
  13. so the one confirmed live event we have has 4 teams...... meanwhile cod is having an open tourney this weekend #prayerss
  14. So the top 4 pro league teams make into the "playoff" event at the end of the season?
  15. We waited for 40 minutes just to find out Scaryotic didn't have xbox live lololol
  16. Maniac making moves on and off the game http://gph.is/1SJGGA2?tc=1
  17. it is extremely irritating to me that teams that didnt even deserve to be at regionals (qualified and never practiced) got invites to this online qualifier just because they were at regionals. Teams that went and didnt even win a series (or more than a few game) do not deserve invites imo.
  18. IMO Flame was never the problem with Optic but if hes in New Jersey now and is planning a vacation to Mexico in a few weeks then i'd imagine he was replaced. Thing is Optic should already have a set roster if they want to play in this invite only qualifier. So unless Optic skips out on this qualifier (which would be fkn stupid) they have a set roster. idk
  19. Can we acknowledge how much worse this game has become from launch? Broken Lobbies No req's/retrieving data glitch Not finding games Shit servers Awful DLC maps (Seriously all of the DLC maps have been terrible Halo maps) Poorly executed updates etc. 343 is a professional game developer with millions of dollars and our response when they screw up an update is that it was "an accident" seriously?
  20. please tell me that this is all a fucking joke. There isnt a single thing on this list that makes any sense.
  21. After playing Maniac and Flame quite a bit and watching their streams Maniac seems to be way behind the curve in H5 shot wise, movement wise, awareness, and communication. Flamesword seems vastly more intelligent in H5 and has a better H5 shot imo), regardless the both of them need to put a lot of time into the game still.
  22. IMO the Pro league should be 12 or so teams then have a couple open lan events in a season with Pro brackets and AM brackets (top 4 from AM bracket advance to Pro bracket?) then ending the season with worlds. Pro leagues seem to kill AM scenes in most games i'd like to see opportunities given to the players not in the league a chance.

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