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  1. Can we get a medal in Halo Infinite for getting 50 kills without dying? Call it "Wreaking HAVOK" and it shows a medal of a HAVOK tactical nuke.
  2. I mean they pretty much had an event in the same cities every year. Did they not? So there was really no guess work as to when or where events were gonna be. Are we just suppose to start assuming every Dreamhack is gonna have Halo from here on out?
  3. I wish they'd announce events with more than two months to prepare/save up. Shit's mad annoying. They want people to show up, but also want you to travel across the country last minute to attend. 343 should hire MLG Adam to run HCS. He ran Halo for more than a decade. He's more than qualified.
  4. So is comp Halo moving to PC next year or is 2020 the last year for comp Halo on console? Cause now that Halo's on PC I can't justify getting a new xbox just for Halo.
  5. Anyone have any Halo 3 jump maps like the flaming ninja challenge maps or know where I could find them?
  6. New edit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY9nzML9kFk
  7. So what are we arguing about today?
  8. What teh fuck did you just say about me?
  9. I plan on doing a lot of editing and making montages so I'm making my own thread to post them in. If you enjoy then subscribe! I'm open to editing other people's clips so DM and we can talk. First edit.
  10. Looking for someone to play in the CE 2v2 tournament today and future CE tournaments. If anyone is interested hit me up. Respond to this post with your GT and add me on xbox. GT - Edain

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