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  1. I'm hoping sprint was an after thought when designing the maps. If social is sprint turned on and ranked it is turned off then I'd be cool that compromise. Personally at this point I don't give a fuck because I don't even play anymore. Don't even own a console or PC. I'm just curious to see what happens. I appreciate the art direction and it's an alright mix of classic and new Halo. The map doesn't look half bad tbh. Can we just get some fuckin gameplay tho? I feel like it's finished enough to show some MP. Also, it releasing in the Fall next year I see no reason to not have a beta during the summer or late spring.
  2. How do we know it's gonna be classic?
  3. What were a lot of the 343 employees before they started working on Halo? I'm genuinely curious what their credentials were before they started working on(fucking up) Halo. Outside of the ones that worked on previous Halo titles before 343 it's like they hired people that never worked on an FPS title before or any successful AAA franchise before Halo. You can't have a bunch of B tier developers working on a AAA title especially a flagship console selling title like Halo. Hopefully this delay will finally open Phil Spencer's eyes to how unfit 343 are to working on Halo and a major studio overhaul is in place.
  4. If Arena MP is no sprint/AA's then I couldn't give a fuck about colors. Unless you're in FFA then you're only gonna show up as red or blue anyway. Don't get it twisted tho I think it is a dumb decision on their end, but one I'm willing to overlook if Halo is Halo again.
  5. Since it's going to be free, do any of you think they're gonna add Infinite MP to MCC? Sort of like they did with with H5 beta and have the MP accessible through the MCC menu.
  6. Why does it look like a Glock instead of something cool like the M6D?
  7. Are any of you surprised? Really?
  8. Can we get a medal in Halo Infinite for getting 50 kills without dying? Call it "Wreaking HAVOK" and it shows a medal of a HAVOK tactical nuke.
  9. I mean they pretty much had an event in the same cities every year. Did they not? So there was really no guess work as to when or where events were gonna be. Are we just suppose to start assuming every Dreamhack is gonna have Halo from here on out?
  10. I wish they'd announce events with more than two months to prepare/save up. Shit's mad annoying. They want people to show up, but also want you to travel across the country last minute to attend. 343 should hire MLG Adam to run HCS. He ran Halo for more than a decade. He's more than qualified.
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