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  1. And that's why we watch fatrat over mint blitz.
  2. You've never heard of fatrat I guess...
  3. I'm not hoping for anything just speculating. I couldn't really give a fuck about this game. lol MP wise at least. I don't even own an xbox or PC right now. Definitely still gonna play the game when it comes out, but like I said I don't really care about it right now. I'm just waiting to see how it all turns out and the game is actually in my hands. Being able to toggle cosmetics was only added to preserve the legacy of the older games. This is a whole new game and cosmetics being part of the game from day 1 are something you really shouldn't be able to turn off. A custom game browser is kinda a no brainer tho. They added it in H5 and then MCC. No way they can't add one into Infinite. So, the question isn't are they going to add it in or not it's when are they adding it. I don't see how you can't not use MCC as a template. They literally added battle passes to MCC to test them for infinite. I wouldn't be surprised if MM isn't set up like MCC's either where you can only search one playlist for ranked and multiple for social. I agree the likelihood of mod support is low, but I think it's still plausible at some point. And whether 343 supports mods or not it's not going to stop people from modding the game now that it's on PC. lol
  4. I think a promod would have more of an impact now then it did back then simply because the game is on PC now and 343 supports modding so we're not limited to forge/custom settings. We can actually add in non forge maps and play with weapon function. Also, custom game browser is huge because now you don't have to hit up 100 people to try and get 8 for a custom. I don't know if mods and a custom browser are coming to Infinite so someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I imagine it will be there... eventually.
  5. AR starts promotes map movements.... Yeah, let's see you move when I drop my AR and Sidekick for the BR/Snipe combo and I'm just spawn killing your whole team without anyone being able to contest me because they only have ARs. I'm too fuckin lazy to find my post, but I made this argument years ago as why AR starts are just a bad idea for Halo in general. Once your team full of AR kids starts getting spawn killed by not only the players that grabbed snipe or other precision weapons, but vehicles as well in BTB, then they all start to quit and it's not fun. Oh, but we added bots so players quitting won't be an issue. lol ok Idgaf what anyone says, but bots aren't a solution and they won't stop people from quitting and matches going to shit. Bots are a cool addition, but I'm not searching MM to play against fucking bots. If I wanted that then I'd go play Campaign or Firefight. The reason people like AR starts is because they have a 50/50 chance of winning a gun fight as opposed to a 0/100 chance of winning with a BR because they can't land shots and don't want to learn. Why can't BTB have AR primary BR secondary starts? You get your AR starts, but ALSO BR starts. It's like what they did with sprint. It's in the game and it makes the lore nerds happy, but it's fucking useless and doesn't fuck up the game like Reach/4/5 sprint.
  6. Everyone I knew that I added from Halo 3 was always bouncing between playing H3 or Fable, Gears, L4D, CoD4..etc. They'd hop on those games for a week and then back to Halo or they'd hop on those games when no ones was on. 07-2010 was a great era for games. I'm getting the same vibes for this holday with Halo Infinite, BF 2042, Back4Blood, Farcry 6. So many sick games coming out.
  7. TF which guns didn't have descope in the tech preview?
  8. Any mention of leaderboards? Would be a sick addition to the spartan ops hub thingy and just in the main menu as well.
  9. What about BXR and double shots tho? Maybe I'm ******** because I haven't played H2 in a minute, but couldn't you block the first sword strike with a melee?
  10. If you really thought sprint wasn't going to be in the game then you were just deluding yourself. You can shoot while sprinting and going into it that's what I was hoping for best case scenario if sprint was in the game. Like I said I'll have to play it myself, but it looks fun. The great thing too is that it's free so we don't gotta waste money to try it out.
  11. Game looks dope. From what I saw you could shoot while sprinting. Interested to see for myself how it plays, but the campaign looks MILES better than what was shown last year.
  12. It's been too long. I miss these forums.
  13. The marketing campaign for Infinite seems kinda lack luster. We need Halo 3 level marketing for this game. They need to partner with PepsiCo and have a MTN Dew game fuel flavor for Infinite. The pringles/chips ahoy thing is cool, but mountain dew and Halo are an unmatchable dewo. Also, the moa burger flavor is actually bomb af. Recommend those that dare to try them. Can't wait to be disappointed on release day so I can pull an all nighter while I stuff my face with moa burger pringles and slam 50 monsters as I rage and curse at 343 for fucking up Halo again. Its tradition at this point even if I have no hope for Halo MP. (The campaign actually sounds sick af and am very optimistic)
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