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  1. Regret slayer probably the worst roulette map for a game 7. Probably the least practiced and most disliked map.
  2. "Also, in the regards of contracts, when a player agrees to sign a contract it is legal and binding. If you do not want a contract then do not sign it, we do not force anyone to sign a contract. But be aware that in any contract, if you sign it you are making an agreement to abide by that contract." yo dawg I heard you liek contracts so we put a contract in your contract so you had have a contract while you contract That "statement" was awful.
  3. LOL I agree so much with this. I'm not saying you have to be in a suit and have a degree to run a business, but most of these kids have no clue how to run it on a bigger scale. They already deleted that cocky tweet too. I'm sure a lot of the "pro" players aren't very aware whats going on either, they just go with it.
  4. Lol I signed in just to reply to this. He's literally the whiniest player I've ever watched, but I don't remember ever hearing him complain during LAN.

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