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  1. Friends you recently played with sometimes show atop your friends list even if they are no longer online and other friends are.
  2. Have had continual "failed to retrieve data" error messages post-game in the Warzone playlist over the past couple days.
  3. Sometimes after equipping armor/helmet directly from an REQ pack, the player's Spartan model fails to load in the menus.
  4. Had the worst lag in a while playing across multiple playlists last night as well. So many "dedicated servers..." moments, I lost count.
  5. Didn't know about this workaround! Thanks, @@Acer!
  6. Not sure how qualified I am to answer this... But had another question to post and didn't want to disregard yours and just post my own. That being said, I would say the game is somewhere around 40-50% fixed if I had to put a number on it somehow? I'm not sitting here with a checklist of features though and verifying the functionality one-by-one - just a rough estimate based on how many things I know off the top of my head are still buggy/not functional. My question: anyone have or know who has MLG maps/gametypes (H2 and H3) - especially the MCC Onslaught remake in H3 (not H2A) that I have seen a clip of around the various forums. I'm sure its discussed in this thread somewhere, but that's a lot of posts to sift through; hoping someone has a GT in mind or a page range on here fresh in their mind. Been researching on my own and added a few people online, but can't seem to find myself online at the same time as they are.
  7. Absolutely could not agree more. You might could teach 343 a thing or two, sir mathsalot

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