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  1. didn't fix crap, its so obvious when you thrust in a gunfight and you cant move your aimer, the first day was actually good but then it just reverted back. Pretty sure they just put some glue on the sinking ship and said its a "proven fix".
  2. This. Should be ninja hes erratic and inconsistent, to preoccupied playing h1z1. Still the same player always has been either hot or too cold.
  3. When u are supposed to be invisible with camo but everyone can see u Dont see the point of camo anymore just isnt a real powerup anymore just replace with an overshield.
  4. Im about to just sell this game, the servers are atrocious it feels like im playing h3 kids just tanking bullets. Easy double kills turn it a shitfest sometimes just jumping around with you opponent seeing who survives. I see it in peoples/ pros streams as well just people not dying when they should its a complete joke at this point. Thank god its new game holiday season cause this game is getting worst by the month.
  5. No shame i would pull my cord with these rules lol get a fresh start and the ability to get control and power weapons. I mean every win is super valuable knowing only the top teams reach finals.
  6. When people are dodging overgrowth and riptide AGAIN . We have done this already its time to move on from these maps.
  7. Played titanfall 2 beta yesterday, I forgot what it feels to play a shooter with good responsive aiming, its literally night and day.
  8. All of clg can slay dont be naive, its always been like this. Roles are interchangeable on top teams.
  9. This ranking/matchmaking system has reached rock bottom. I may as well just jump on and play warzone because playing against dankslayer420 every game is no fun whatsoever. Hopefully 343 fixes this issue.
  10. IMO top 12 players right now in no order: Snakebite Lethul Frosty Royal 2 Bubu Huke Penguin Stellur Contra Devon Mikwen Snipedown :glasses:
  11. I seriously thought something was wrong with xbox controllers these days, this game man smh
  12. It allows you sensitivity 2 be proper rather half of each axis for some reason, playing this game lately you could always tell there was something wrong with the aiming, previously upping your sens didnt solve this issue either
  13. I am in love with this game again the aiming feels so much better now its dramatic how much BETTER it feels now. how 343 decided default sens were good beats me smh
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