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  1. BtH will be under FaZe, im 90% sure of it. FaZe has a branch in France that just picked up a team for Gfinity, and all of BtH has recently followed Banks.
  2. Enable to OpTic makes sense from a chemistry perspective, but with COD being his obvious focus, and with all of the online tournaments that he is forced to play in, I do not think it makes sense. A SQ remake without Enable would struggle in my opinion as well, so I hope they stray from trying to make that happen. As far as BtH, I'm not really sure what they will do if Legit and Naded are not available.
  3. Curse was a rumor for The Agency last time I checked, and FaZe I have not heard anything about. If I had to guess, Str8 would be a Faze type of team. T2 and Temperr have similar personalities.
  4. This is another #WeBack! moment. Halo isn't halo without a god squad
  5. Right?! It was so much fun, and would be sweet for H2A.
  6. In H3 I remember playing a custom that was 8 players set in an arena, with 4 1v1 set ups then each winner would advance to the next 1v1 until the final 1v1. Anyone remember what this was called, and if anyone has it for MCC
  7. We play roughly around 11pm Pacific We are from west coast Personality wise, we are very positive, and relaxed. If you rage, don't bother hitting us up. We have been playing with each other since the original Halo 2 and one of them is my brother. Add D2K Squirtle if you want to run, or post.
  8. Was watching Snakebite and 2gre earlier, Snake said that he expected Cloud to BtH, the RoyBox SnipOla god squad to EG and that The Agency players had other offers. Also, Goldenboy on Bomb Planted, hinted at another big team announcement like the CLG pick up. All of this leads me to believe that this EG rumor is true.
  9. Also, according to snakebite, players on The Agency have been approached and might sketch for another squad.
  10. 2v2 H2A scrim? Wanting to get some games before the Tourny tomorrow, message me GT D2K Squirtle
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