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  1. how does everyone here feel about sniper hill in the team snipers playlist? I personally think it kind of ruins it. halo 3 team snipers was by far my favorite mode to play in any game ever and when i get on mcc i just want to get that experience again except whenever my favorite halo 3 maps show up (guardian, construct, pit, narrows) its ALWAYS sniper hill. i wouldnt mind it if it just came up occasionally but it seems like 9 times out of 10 on those maps its sniper hill. I usually end up getting annoyed by it after like 5 or 6 games in a row of the halo 3 option being sniper hill and stop playing. It can be fun change of pace but the games are never competitive whatsoever (unranked also contributes to that obviously) and is usually only a couple players actually going for the hill while others try to get as many kills as possible. Also the spawns seem to be a bit messed up in it. Im really just bitter that i can never get that experience that i got in halo 3 again

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