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  1. Wish I could go but I feel like the 2000 games of rockets on prisoner doesn't prepare me for this.
  2. I think snipedown needs to step it up. He really didn't do anything special at Worlds.
  3. I can almost assure you there will never be another MCC update. They are working on the new Halo already.
  4. Kind of a downer then they are confirmed. All about speculations.
  5. Too lazy to read previous pages. Dide Ogre2 and Ola already land on a team? Ola hasn't been the same for the past year or two. Top player? yes, but not the ola that use to steal the show almost every event.
  6. Someone enlighten me but why is pengiun such a hot topic right now? He is a crazy good slayer but how much is that worth when CLG can lose slayers to top 16 teams yet is still the best team?
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