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  1. Hope this doesn't just generate more "discussion" and actual changes are made. Well done though, at least it's a start. Now 343 just needs to listen. It's funny they do all these email feedback surveys and have never really changed a thing in a year except make caster & hydra more powerful and added a brute rifle. Only change where shit is on the map.
  2. changing the vertical look sense seems to really help actually...damn I should have done this before...
  3. Anyone else having the 'heavy aim' problem? It's gotten to a point where I can't play the game. I literally can't turn my spartan's head like I used to. It happened about a week ago. I have bought a new XB1, tried 4 different routers, new cables, playing directly from the modem, reinstalling the game, called my ISP 50+ times in 5 days. Nothing I do changes it. I am not going to play seriously until I can fix this. Any solution? I press start and it barely helps. I've tried bandwidth manager, opening ports, new hdmi cable, cleared cache everything I can think of. I do speed tests and get 175 down yet H5 is only using 600 k/bs via looking at the bandwidth usage in the Xbox...Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Searching alone in H5 is like banging your head against a cement wall considering the pistol isn't strong enough to kill two people flying at you even if you are CLGesus. At least in other Halos you had a chance. Not to mention radar. Get away from a TO4? Good luck, with sprint, thrust they will hunt you down regardless.

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