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  1. https://clips.twitch.tv/SpotlessGracefulQuailTwitchRPG interesting spot i havent seen before
  2. Does anyone know who that Wise team beat to get 7th? Its Kaiss, Manny, Juziro, and Soulsnipe
  3. i do not want to play fucking oddball this gametype isnt even fun. There is no flow to the game play, i want to quit the build everytime i get it but now im forced to play it because its in HCS. Its just chaos and annoyance the whole time
  4. you know whats interesting when thinking of the Ninja situation, is FaZe Censor. 2.5m youtube subs, an amazing life, amazing sponsors, and great revenue. He took a small break from competing due to a short term ban and being unable to find a team and in that time he grew his channel. When given the opportunity to compete at a high level again with WWII he sacrificed a lot of revenue to do it, he even said in his videos that hes willing to sacrifice making youtube content to improve at CoD and thats where his passion lies. Im not saying what ninja should or shouldnt do, i think hes happy, but it is reassuring to see that following passion in some circumstances can bring more happiness than what might be the most monetarily beneficial option.
  5. Stellur Ace Maniac Prototype maniac tweets like ace and stellur, and idk prototype kinda
  6. the cool thing about having a lot of money is you can spend thousands of dollars to do stuff because you want too
  7. its going to be an online tournament, best of 3s, lag outs = a loss
  8. I'm glad someone like Tom made a video like this, because he owns a team and is investing in Halo and if 343 sees that the people funding their scene and supporting it are frustrated and are publicly sharing these frustrations, other org owners and investors will be less interested in the scene until these things are changed. Its something i wish more people invested in the Halo scene did. I know hecz has done it a few times and it seemed to have an influence.
  9. I think shooter's on the fly communication and leadership is something thats hard to find in other players even of his style. Eco has done well for himself but lets not forget Shooter has won an event and that team looked like they were playing the best Halo we have seen up to this point. Shooters comms are hard to replace and his in game abilities aren't anything to take lightly, Eco is a beast though and a very smart and methodical player. It should be interesting to see what happens
  10. this roster is fucking disgusting. Its hard to say if eco is an upgrade from shooter, not because either is bad but both are so good at their roll and are stupid clutch and great with power weapons. All around i think thats an even trade, and stellur i would consider an upgrade from bubu, plus the chemistry with him and Eco. Thats some wild slaying power on that team
  11. Lmao takedown https://clips-media-assets.twitch.tv/26718859440-offset-2760-1280x720.mp4#t=0
  12. my biggest concern with the BR is ive done an hour a day of octagon with the pistol for a long ass time, selfish reasons but ive practiced so much with the pistol i want it to stay
  13. that video is fucking ridiculous i still cant believe its real
  14. since he started playing. Kid was winning tournaments and national championships his rookie year. Reach he had a couple top 3 placings, but then h4 onward hes back in the discussion as best in the game. Early H3 he probably was the best in the game
  15. H3 i think it has to go Snip3down, FiS, Elamite, Ola, Cloud, Roybox, VicX. Like FiS and Elamite won more events i think than any other players in h3, and elamite had the best average placing and consistent good performance, cloud and snip3down had a lot of wins and some stupid good individual performance. Ola and Roybox are obvious
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