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  1. The reason people still play melee over brawl and smash 4 is because it is simply a better game. Plain and simple. Halo 2 and halo 1 are miles and miles ahead of every other halo game. In terms of skill cap, halo 2 doesn't have one. Final boss won almost every event during a season in halo 2. That has NEVER even came close to happening in any halo since. In fact, you could predict top 16 in halo 2 pretty consistently due to the immense skill gap amongst the players. In halo 3, reach, and 4 you couldn't even predict top 8. It was literally a toss up, everyone was the same. Anniversary is basically a washed up cross over of reach and halo 4 on remastered halo 2 maps. If it didn't have fancy new graphics and dedicated servers, nobody would be playing it.
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