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  1. If you're looking for a squad to run with, or just one player to pickup, there is a discord out there that can help you find players, along with many other items related to competitive halo. https://discord.gg/mHx6wRr
  2. Now that reach is booming again with the release on PC, some friends have decided to put a discord together dedicated to competitive gameplay. This is a place to talk about gameplay, show clips, find players to play with, and many other things. If you'd like to join, the invite is below. https://discord.gg/mHx6wRr
  3. If anyone is looking for live LFG for competitive gameplay, or any other topics related to competitive halo, feel free to join the discord listed below. We are branching this off from the Halo server, because they only have a small channel sectioned off for competitive play. https://discord.gg/mHx6wRr
  4. ET...it's nothing like old MLG forums unfortunately.
  5. Add Daarby if you need a 4th. Been to 10+ events.
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