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  1. The way it was described sounds like it'll be like the shoulder charge animation, where it goes third person for a sec. Not 100% for sure if you can move or must stand still.
  2. Anyone down for No weapons, Shoulder Charge and Ground Pounds only customs?
  3. Okay doing homework. First of all, I am finding little to nothing that gives a descriptive definition that is consistent. I find plenty of forum posts (not credible) that give loose definitions of what it means to be a "twitch shooter" or an "arena shooter." For example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twitch_gameplay This says that " "Twitch" refers to the motion the player makes, a sudden movement or reaction to an event on the screen. " Halo has this in spades, which is what led me to say it is a "twitch shooter" however later on: "Games such as Quake encouraged fast-paced destruction. Automatic weapons and rocket launchers ensured quick gameplay. It was still a "twitch game," but over time, gameplay success was determined by more than merely having the fastest reactions." That's weird. Quake is an example people love to bring up when they describe "Arena Shooter." "Multiplayer games, on the other hand, have always walked a fine line between skill and twitch. This is especially true of shooters. " - this I would agree with in Halo. What I find in forums and other websites is the general consensus is that "arena" means strategy and longer kill times, whereas "twitch" means reactionary and fast kill times. This is odd, because many people on this forum call CE an "arena" shooter, yet it has the fastest kill times. It does have quite a bit of strategy as well, so maybe that makes up for it to make it "arena." But by the logic I'm finding in general opinion, CE is more "twitch" than any after it, since the others further increase kill times. So where's the line? And where does Halo fall? Are you getting my point? Both terms are bullshit. I shouldn't have used it. But to say Halo bears no resemblance to a "twitch shooter" is ignorant. It's a hybrid. -edit: not sure how the text turned black. sorry about legibility.
  4. totally fine with a toggle off function. I hear there might be a sprint toggle? would be good for that especially if that's true. Just saying if 343 end up being adamant about sprint staying in competitive, this change is for the better to me. in those settings anyway.
  5. God this forum is so freakin' hostile. I express an opinion and get attacked and responding to the attack gets more attacks. Halo has twitch elements, and I'd say it's closer to what I view as a twitch shooter than what i view as an arena shooter. H5 beta told me enough that I know I'll at least have fun with the game. The majority of things I've heard since then are good. If sprint is staying in the game, which it will, this change is good, in my opinion. Remove sprint and it isn't needed. Having either one in isn't going to make this game "not Halo" for me.
  6. Reaction time and quick aiming are both characteristics of a twitch shooter, Halo needs both. "Twitch" =/= 1shotting people, even though a lot of people associate it that way. Honestly, vast majority of shooters could be considered "twitch" shooters. It's not a super specific concept. I probably could have left out the "twitch" part.
  7. I hate that stupid term. "Arena Shooter." People call quake and doom arena shooters, and halo has never, will never, and should never play like those games. Halo is a twitch shooter with an emphasis on vertical play, teamwork, map control, and movement based on powerups and power weapons that have limited ammo. It does not need to be the fastest possible game to be competitive or fun to play and watch, H3 proved that. Even CE has slow moments. For me, Halo isn't made by the fact that your gun is always out. It's made by teamwork, and strategy, and those rewarding moments when you make a good play. Sprint doesn't take that away, even if I don't like the mechanic, and that has a big impact on gameplay. this has a very small one, and in my opinion will likely make H5 slightly better than it would be without it. The day they take sprint out, then sure, get rid of it, but until that day, I'd rather have it in.
  8. I'm just saying I like the idea. How it's implemented could be a different story. If CE had the same mechanic from the first day and H5 was removing said mechanic you'd be complaining the same because "now scrubs can just run in and take my power weapons" I'll admit I was never very good at CE, all hail the greatest player alive. It's an opinion, dude.
  9. Personally, I like the change. It forces a team to control a zone before grabbing the powerup. This means no sprinting in, grabbing it, and sprinting back out. Even if it's a .5 second animation, it's a good change. In fact, I hope power weapons get the same treatment (opening a crate for the weapon maybe.) As long as the animation is .5-1sec and not much longer I like it. "Run and gun" isn't the end all-be all. A short animation before you get a significant powerup isn't going to ruin the "fluidness" Halo, unless you mean holding forward on your left stick. In fact, it emphasizes strategy and control, which is my favorite aspect of Halo. You can't just rush a powerup at the beginning of a game and use it to win the first battle, you have to win the first battle, then grab it, then use it effectively. It's different, sure, but if anything it's a neutral change. Upsides and downsides.
  10. Looks like the main part is metal/steel, and the tips can be replaced, so my guess is very much so.
  11. I heard "button remapping" and was sold. Something I've desperately wanted from Halo since the beginning.
  12. I'm more hyped for this interview than I am for Warzone.
  13. I think that's what was meant when they said only the cosmetic changes work in arena. So, skins will work, but not the different scopes. Scopes only work in Warzone. Something as simple as a different form factor on the scope would have an impact, therefore it's not "cosmetic." But a different paint job, I see no problem with that.
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