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  1. Hey guys so I spent a lot of time making this video announcing our new roster and think it turned out pretty cool so check it out and plz let me know what you think and also I hope you all have a beautiful day
  2. They both play on fakes, Roy was a champ on his. There's really not much to look into if you're just searching for number of games played on main accounts. p.s. didn't even have to pull the car over this time
  3. Lmao man you love to start some drama. I'm obviously not going to get into an argument here but for whatever your perception of me is, the hostility and lack of respect is still pretty unnecessary. Either way, for what it's worth most of what I do is behind the scenes and my career and income aren't dependent on coaching/managing a Halo team. I do send a lot of emails though Edit: Still driving so I can't read whatever you linked but no, there was no requirement or obligation for us to fulfill to create a video. I literally stayed home instead of driving to Columbus yesterday to shoot and edit and upload because I wanted to give more people the opportunity to enter who otherwise might not have known about it.
  4. Hey man, I'm typing this out on my phone while driving to Columbus for CWL this weekend so I'll try to not run on too long...we'll see how that goes. First off - I have and always will appreciate your opinion. I think what you and everyone here does for Halo is amazing and deserves significantly more recognition, it's obvious to anybody who knows anything about our community how passionate everyone here is and how much we all care about Halo and the future of Halo esports. I remember when I first bought a camera when I was working 60 hour weeks and commuting 20 hours back and forth while coaching and traveling and trying to make videos on the side. I posted here for advice and the feedback and support I received was amazing. Everybody told me to try to just focus on content driven by our personalities and who we are and that the whole community would be behind us, me, and anyone trying to make consistent content. After all, look at how Call of Duty exploded through their players and teams success on YouTube? We're all in this together for Halo after all. I may not be able to post on here as often as I'd like but that doesn't mean I don't read these forums regularly and don't appreciate opinions or constructive criticism. It's no secret the last 2 seasons have been extremely difficult and stressful for us, every time I visited these forums though and thought about joining in some of the conversations it just compounded the significant stress and negativity that we already had to deal with. I don't mean to throw a blanket statement over every single post here but from my experience the vast majority of my time spent reading these forums for years has been extremely negative towards nearly every subject being discussed. Fast forward to today and sure, I see exactly where you're coming from. I don't post every video I make on here but try to include the most significant ones for the sake of reaching an audience that might not otherwise see it to help grow our game. For arguments sake, I released 3 other videos just this week and didn't post any of them. Winning a free trip to play with a pro team on a 200 ft screen broadcasted for everyone to watch on twitch? I think that's incredible and I would've absolutely killed for that opportunity when I was coming up. I was not required to make that video, I did so because I wanted to let as many people as possible know about it. If you think I should have a different approach to that or any other ideas or suggestions for me to help continue to grow Halo, I'd love to hear your opinion. As for whether or not we'll be canned for under performing - I manage our Halo division in addition to several other responsibilities with EG meaning I have control and say over the roster. So no, these videos are not made for that purpose. As for whether or not I'm making content for the community, who would you presume I'm making it for? All of the Up To Speed videos I've made for the last 3 seasons weren't for our community? Really? It's just me doing all of those videos man and I put a ton of time and effort into teaching myself how to film and edit and practice creating content and it's really disheartening to hear stuff like that, especially in a public setting like this from somebody whose opinion is held so highly and is obviously impressionable on so many other people here. Calling it funny/sad or fake? Sure, you're entitled to your opinion, but I don't believe putting people down who actually take the time to create content is going to help us grow a community of people who all believe in making content and collaborating together. I believe we should be encouraging anyone at any level to create content around Halo or themselves as players and to continue to do so with as many other people as they can. Maybe your opinion here is based on a belief that I'm only creating and posting videos to selfishly grow a following or that I actually make money off of YouTube, I really don't know, but it isnt in my job description at all and my career is not dependent on any of this, I do it because I care about Halo. That's all for now, just felt like I had to post a few thoughts after reading what you had to say. p.s. before anybody overreacts, I pulled over to type this and didn't try writing it all while driving. #LifeIsTow is a real thing but I'm not that crazy...
  5. TIL I've been the problem this whole time and everyone knew but me
  6. For those who saw that clip and didn't watch the rest of the stream afterwards, Jason/Justin/I have essentially been teaming for 8 years and obviously trying to have a positive attitude while consistently performing the worst we ever have online makes each of us extremely frustrated. We're all super competitive and clearly were mad about a dozen other things after that series ended that have all added up over weeks and we took out those frustrations by arguing with each other over something that didn't actually matter. Things were literally back to normal a few minutes later and we kept watching film for another hour. Just saying, there's not much to read into and sometimes arguments happen, we're just trying to improve
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