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  1. Name: josh Gt: I rvivr I Age: 23 Location: California Twitter: @rvivr Objective: Looking to find a team or strong players for all online/LAN events. Searching for intelligent and dedicated teammates. About me: · strong communicator · intelligent decision maker · excellent sniper · work well with a team shot · coordinate strong and efficient pushes · always on time and available for practices · always keep positive attitude · able to travel to all events Im extremely dedicated and motivated to push myself and teammates to a high level of gameplay. Please do not reply/msg me if you dont feel the same. If interested feel free to message me on here or xbl to run games.
  2. Name: josh Gamertag: I rvivr I Games played: halo 3, halo reach, halo 4 Area: sacramento Future plans: events/online
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