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  1. I don't understand the part about regionals. What series are you referring to? I played awful at X Games, yeah, but not at regionals IMO. Just asking, because I have seen that mentioned previously on here.
  2. I decided long ago that I was gonna stick with my boy @@Spartan, through the thick and thin.
  3. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Victory%20is%20BACK/video/13974300
  4. I thought the Naded bulldozer pic was hilarious. To all of the remaining c9 fans out there: don't fret; an off night a month before the season starts is a great learning experience. We have more than enough time to work out the kinks and reach our full potential. I assure you that we will be in fighting form come IG Atlanta.
  5. Definitely agree with what you said in regard to the guy in the courtyard/shotty situation. On one of the lockdown games we played, I was standing back on snipe 2, and I heard footsteps sounding like they were coming from either bottom snipe of on the plasma nades bottom snipe. I knew there were no players from the opposing team around, so I looked around, and the closest player to me was moving around bottom elbow. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the weird turtle beach mixamp, hopefully we never have to use those things again, especially when 90% of the people playing had never used them before. At least eight different audio settings and nobody knew which one was the best to use, that's crazy! I, for one, definitely preferred the audio as it was on Friday. We didn't encounter any issues, at least as far as I know. Saturday was a whole different story, as you are all aware of by now!
  6. First post!! Does anyone have a link to an interactive bracket for S1 finals? I'm not an expert in bracketology so I could use some assistance. :P
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