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  1. I'm destroying everyone with my mouse.. just spend some time in it and get used to it. I'm playing as "Rogue" in this game:
  2. Some of you may know me in 4s but you may not know that I've been pretty successful in the singles community as well, taking out 1v1 players such as Contra, Karyotic, and others near the top. Here's a quick look and explanation of how I like to play Lockdown 1v1s and some spawn trapping being explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0KR-qyNxKY
  3. If anyone wants to support a local Portland player, check out the frequent stream or follow on twitter for updates. I just landed 4 sponsors and will be going hard leading up to and into Halo 5! twitch.tv/Actxve @Profound_Active
  4. Quick simple compilation of H2A clips, about 95% HCS or competitive gameplay. sync'd to chill music that a friend of mine produced. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7lTEU7IjAg
  5. A pretty sloppy win, but a win. Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27o0ZtChhdU
  6. Any "fixes" requiring an update to MCC, scare me to death.
  7. Yet you read the title and still opened the thread. sounds legit.
  8. Let the short video speak for itself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-nGpngMy2s
  9. where tf are all the oregonians at!? the competitive scene is about to be huge in portland
  10. Not sure how viable this is, but it would be ideal to have an 8 to 12 monitor setup of 22"-24" monitors with about 2ms response-time for tournament use. (each cost about $120 new, cheap in comparison to the 42" plasmas). I'm very confident that top competitive players wouldn't want to come back to events being run on large Plasma TVs, it only appeals to the casual crowd. Advertisement-wise, most college campuses have "gaming clubs" or something similar that we could try contacting and notifying them of tournaments, even emailing them a PDF file of a poster they could print out. Depending on how the turnouts end up, I was thinking bi-monthly 4v4 tournaments could be offset with bi-monthly FFA/2v2 tournaments. For example, 1st weekend of the month could be FFA/2v2, 2nd weekend is 4v4, 3rd weekend back to FFA/2v2, and so on. Double elimination, and all matches would be played split screen with the exception of Winner Bracket Finals, Loser Bracket Finals, and Grand Finals.
  11. Fun tournament. According to the site calendar, it looks like there is another one December 20th? If possible, I'd like to advertise and help coordinate setups for this event. Competitive gaming on 42inch plasma tv's isn't ideal
  12. That would be me. I will most likely be at this milwaukie tournament saturday
  13. Damn, an OG'ish style LAN thread. I used to run a lot of the more competitive MLG tournies in and around portland back in the H3 days and I'll be starting that back up again soon for H2 Classic. Bookmark this thread and check back frequently for when I post information, or follow my twitter: @Actxve
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