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  1. The Host of Group 16 round one hasn't invited anyone. umm, help?
  2. Theyre all friends, so I'm gonna go ahead and assume this roster will be 90% set in stone. Solid roster too (Bubu, Suspector, Cratos, Stellur) ughh Why Cratos duuude? lame
  3. man these forums are great... can't believe I've been missing out lmao XD
  4. I don't even know if my patch downloaded then. Mine says 46.2 as well
  5. Oddball King of the Hill Extraction Infection VIP Headhunter Juggernaut Assault Regicide Grifball Race Stockpile All these gametypes are not in matchmaking. Cool, fine, whatever. Are they available for custom games!?
  6. Every single gameplay shown has been AR/Pistol start. Maybe because the venues where they are showcased are leaned towards casual players, and they are more interested in just showcasing the game? I would definitely like to see a statement or comment from 343 saying AR/Pistol or BR will be the primary loadout for HCS/Ranked/Social etc. I also wanna know which playlist are ranked at launch.
  7. Lets get some customs/lans goin MN !
  8. Team Name: Pretty Flacko's WInner: Pretty Flacko's Refusal to play Pretty Flacko's advance
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