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  1. Here some snipes I got on Eden vs Most Wanted I wanted to post. We choked the series but here's the highlight Enjoy!
  2. Can someone help me out here? Break it down as if I was a 2 year old. Open events, no points are earned from them, MLG got a slap to the face?
  3. Starting up my own org. I can offer full travel to top teams. The only catch is that I get 100% of the earnings. GLHF
  4. This is a video summarizing what happened between Nighthawks and team Orbit along with our situation going into Regional's. I will quickly describe the events that took place. Game 1 we were tied 2-2 on Truth Flag and randomly Blaze "lagged" out of the game, we won game 2 with no connection issues making the series tied 1-1 and then we went up 23-4 on Eden Stronghold before Blaze "lagged" out again. Now before I go on, Blaze does not disconnect randomly like this. He did not have any issues all day before the cup or even after the tournament was over. I do not know if they cheated or not, but at the very least they did not want to replay us for a fair match. This game was the most important for us due to the fact that this series was what would have locked us into the top 15 seeds. Team Orbit would have had to place top 2 in order to make it to Regional's, which was very unrealistic for them. As you can probably tell, we are all extremely disappointing by this, and playing in this last chance qualifier is something we all did not see ourselves having to do. We all put our lives on hold for this tournament just like everyone else did, and to be screwed over this way would drive any normal person insane. I have met Dramis in person at Daytona, I talked to him and his teammates and was nothing but nice to those guys and to have him be a part of screwing us over makes me lose all respect for him. It is truly funny to see what money can do to people, but more importantly to see people’s true colours in these situations. Game battles needs to change this rule or get rid of it completely, this is absurd. People complain about this all the time after each cup and it is still not heard? People could essentially host boot their way to 1st place in these cups if they truly wanted to! I believe in competitive integrity 100%, and I would never ever screw over a team the way Dramis's team did to us. Whatever points or reasons they have I will never understand either, I think a point one of them had made was how other pro teams were doing the same exact thing so why is it looked down on if they do it? I hate the fact that I have to even explain why this point is so ignorant. Orbit was gaining absolutely nothing by screwing us over because regardless of whether or not they beat us, they were not getting past Liquid or Allegiance. What they did sabotaged my teammates and I out of a chance to compete for all of this life changing money after we worked our asses off to get to where we did. No one will ever know if they cheated except for themselves, and if the roles were reversed I would 100% give them a rematch for both of those games, no questions asked. If my teammates did not like it I would put my controller down and leave. People might say, "Hey man, there's still the last chance qualifier! You'll win it!" But I think people are overlooking one thing. I think that this last chance qualifier will be the shadiest cup yet. I'm talking host booting, people maybe playing on second account or whatever. I'm not even nervous to be playing in this last cup because I predict that people will end up cheating there way to the top. But if a player has to cheat to win then maybe they should put their energy into working harder at being better instead of screwing over those who earned the win. With these rules, you'll see an undeserving team like Dramis winning there way into that spot instead of the best team that actually deserves to be there. (Not saying we're the best team). As a community we should not be allowing this to happen. I hope this does not get brushed under the rug. I think it's fair to say that we deserve a rematch against Orbit or even a match between us and Overdrive for the spot. I would have never seen us being knocked out like that. We have played for 5 weeks and every single time we have held a top 16 seed through a variation of our teams. All we needed to do was win that match and now we do not even get that chance. This situation right here is what makes the Halo community so messed up. From the continuous lack of respect for players all the way down to people weaseling their way into getting their names out there, it is agitating to see. Without this series of unfortunate events, Overdrive would not be in that last spot and we would be in it. All we want is our chance. - Burton, Blaze, Jesse Unleashed, Omega
  5. Don't you guys love this tournament structure:))). I hope it sticks around, good times yo

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