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  1. Happens all the time online haven't you ever played on host before? Odds are, you were host or just playing on a faster server/host than you normally do.
  2. Coordinated aggression with your teammates would be your best bet. Being on the same page as your teammate(s) is really the most important key. Don't push if they don't have your back, etc.
  3. I have to keep my account that I purchased mcc with logged in at all times. Set your gold account as your home xbox then you can play on the silver account without having to have the gold accnt logged it. Edit: just noticed somebody kinda beat me to this, my bad.
  4. Ogres 2v2 footage I just stumbled upon, some of this is what was used in their winter lan tage.
  5. Are a majority of matchmaking games still played on peer to peer? Also, what happened to that little box that would display "connecting to dedicated server" as the map would load? That notification should return.
  6. For those newer CE players that weren't around back then, this montage is a must see classic. Too bad the resolution sucks, there used to be an hd version of it on Halo Pro, or some other forum.
  7. It is not a problem on your end. Hearing your teammates in game chat has always been a thing in MCC, but until recently it has been broken and would only work once in a blue moon. One of the newest updates has made game chat much more consistent. There probably aren't many players that are aware that game chat has been fixed yet, so often times when you play matchmaking your teammates will be in a party chat with their friends or have their mic unplugged.
  8. 343i appears to be experimenting with other business ventures in case Halo 5 fails.
  9. 343i is letting a guy that doesn't have enough common sense to lace his shoes make decisions about one of the biggest gaming franchises ever?
  10. How come you rarely play H1? I figured somebody that had CE in their gamertag for so long would be a die hard CE player. H1, although it has its problems too, is the most playable game in the collection and has the best community.
  11. Not sure how I feel about this idea. Lotta positives for this, but there are a ton of negatives to consider as well.
  12. Hey guys, I don't think Mando sold his box due to the bullying, it was for a different reason. I don't doubt that he will be back again. Also, a lot of people that don't personally know him that are just hating on him because they saw a few of the cool kids in the chat doing it, would probably jump at the chance to play with him.
  13. I do a similar thing, I ask the quitters why they are afraid of competition. I haven't had any of them tell me they lagged out, they normally just tell me to get over it.
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