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  1. Hold on, so I'm really late to this game. Let me sum up what I've seen and somebody tell me if I'm even in the ballpark. Out of the blue, Iron Gaming (prior to this basically an unknown game tournament organization with the exception of a few late AGL tourneys) pops up with a load of cash and waves it around saying they want to hold a halo tournament. They then proceed to discuss which Halo will be used, and ignoring a lot of advice, go with Halo 4 over Halo 3 and Reach NBNS. In Halo 4, where there were already competitive settings that had been worked out by none other than our own Ghostayame, IG decided to chuck those out in favor of ones that the pros didn't really like. Then, IG wanted pro teams on an invite-only basis. Ok, so who are the pro teams? I guess they decided that (albeit arbitrarily), but then they only wanted the pro teams to come if they would advertise IG's social media. Now, that's not always out of the question, IMO. A lot of people advertised AGL when that was happening. The fact that it was an every day, no questions asked advertisement or your tournament pass was revoked? That's gonna hit a few people the wrong way. Basically, if I'm on with any of this, my main question is this: Why is professionalism so hard? If you can't afford a tournament, don't hold one. If you want a good tournament with good game types, how about you use the ones teams are most practiced at: the competitive ones that have been balanced and tested and played numerous times? That's what's going to draw people to your cause. Do you want the pros at your tournament? (Hell yeah you do. Why wouldn't you?) Then treat them like you actually want them to come. Don't force them into advertising. Maybe if it's looking like a good tournament (payout, game types, dates, locations), then they'll want to go. If they want to go, I bet you could just ASK THEM if they'll advertise for you. Maybe some say no, but I bet most will throw out a pitch for you here and there. Do you want people to believe in your cause? Then don't come on here flaming the community. Take some responsibility (Proverb, man, have some respect for yourself. Typing in all caps angrily won't fix anything, especially when it comes to making friends with your target audience). TL;DR---- the main point of organizing a tournament like this in terms of the community is to attract people. Screwing with their game and the way they sign up and flaming them is going to ruin your chances. Unless Iron Gaming basically falls at the community's feet soon, their chances are completely hosed. P.S. If I saw Iron Gaming's attitude (as I am perceiving it) in a child of mine, I would ground him. IG and AGL both just stomped around throwing a tantrum if they didn't have it their way.
  2. I think Infamous is making a mistake here... I saw no reason to drop Naded, who had a solid first tournament back. Lethul said that it had to do with some more behind the scenes stuff, but if Naded was confused why he was dropped and thought they were trolling, it obviously wasn't something big or he'd have known the reason. I went on Ryanoob's stream to hear the reasoning on the team change, but all I heard was "APG is good, Naded was inconsistent." Pardon me for not understanding how 1 day makes a player inconsistent.
  3. I repeat: the problem is the people, but the solution isn't to try and fix the people. We all know that won't happen. The solution is to moderate the people better through more options given from twitch itself, such as the ability to block not just single words, but entire posts that have certain words in them (would help with spam-bots, too). If there were an optional t/o with an adjustable time on that block, it would be even better.
  4. We can't have the ridiculous quantity of negativity we have. We want Halo to grow. We want people to play in huge tournaments again! We want to see a professional Halo tournament get more viewers than just 8k. Just because those people exist doesn't mean we can't limit it to improve our image and get people back into the scene.
  5. I honestly don't think that a 2 minute slow mode is the solution. I would love a really cheap subscriber mode ($1/mo?), but I'm not going to pay $5 per month for one tournament a month. Honestly the problem isn't even the people (because you can't fix them). The problem is Twitch's options. You can block words and links, right? Why not have a Twitch setting where you can block whole posts (maybe an optional t/o for an adjustable amount of time) if they have a certain word in them? (Walrus/penis/swear words/etc). Combine that with a Facebook login, and you're golden.
  6. No team will make team changes. They all (Ambush excluded) played on just about top form. Ambush won't change because they have too good of a thing going.
  7. Every single member of Requiem shined today. They all made clutch plays and just did everything the way they were supposed to. It was a fantastic tournament, and honestly just really impressive.
  8. Anyone coming to Halo is a plus. I don't care if it's old guys or new guys. I just want to see good, competitive halo, even if only the top 5 teams have a chance at placing.
  9. Not to mention that a lot of pros (Ninja, Chig, Roy?, etc...) can't make it to AGL 9. We're stuck.
  10. Roy and Ogre 1 are almost impossible to compare. I picked Roy because I think he worked a lot harder at it, but I think had Ogre 1 continued playing and been dedicated to it, he would have easily won. He was maybe the most mechanically gifted player to ever play Halo.
  11. You're giving both Classic and SQ a TON of credit. SQ won't take 3rd, IMO. Switch SQ and Requiem and you have my upset bracket.
  12. Unfortunately they can't really do either. If you want the sniper as an ordinance drop, you can't change the amount of ammo that goes with it. Ghostayame also said that he wants it as an ordinance drop because it shows the indicator on your HUD that it's on the map (which I think is crap. Learn to time weapons, folks...)
  13. 7-4 Requiem over Classic (Roy's host most of the time, Ace pulled it maybe 2-3 games though)
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