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  1. Hi. Have 2. Looking for 2 for future tournaments/events. Interested in attending G4G. We were all ~2300 CSR in Arena in Jan, 2000/2100 now. Haven't really resumed the grind this season yet. Rank isn't really a big deal, but ideally you'd be 1800+ already because that isn't a very high bar to set. Can message/add me at GT: Alphuh to coordinate running games. Goal is long term team that works on issues and fixes them with effort rather than team changes that just trade one person's unfixed gameplay issues for someone else's gameplay issues. Something lasting with stability, improvement, and hard work rather than instability, shade, and excuses. We watch film. We take criticism. We offer advice. Please do the same. Also for god's sake don't spam me with invites and messages. If you send one, I got it. If you send 100 invs in a row while I'm in a game and 14 messages within 3 minutes I'm just going to block you. Its insanely annoying. We'll play together. Calm down. Just get in contact with me.
  2. Hello. I am looking for a team. My open play hours are usually roughly 4pm - 12am cental on weekdays and open on weekends. Feel free to send me a message @ GT: Alphuh. I would obviously prefer an existing t02/to3 with established teamwork, but whatever works. I wouldn't be against starting a team with another F/A. I think I have 55 points or some nonsensical low number like that. I'd like a long term team. Halotracker.
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