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  1. Looking for people to play Alpha on Xbox with, I'm experienced and have all the gods mastered with a few legendarys as well as a diamond. GT : The Keen Dogg
  2. We've all known and played with each other for over 10 years, (we all stopped playing just before reach came out) and we are looking for someone who has vast knowledge of the game and is not allergic to the flag/bomb even if they consider themselves a slayer. Depending on how serious we get will determine if we will go to events. PS: We all have event xp, with a couple of us close to pro ffa in Halo 2 Pm or send xbl message to either SvR Sulfa or The Keen Dogg Our old GTs were l Smurf l and CFx Frenzy
  3. Played 4 games so far with less than 30 secs to find game. Chyeeee
  4. Gt: The Keen Dogg Mainly custom but anything really US I don't suck
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