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  1. z Witness z Customs/MM USA/NY Would love to play some customs or matchmaking. I'm always down to play
  2. I don't have Time Warner Cable, but I do have another cable provider on Long Island and I've been receiving terrible lag. Makes the game unplayable for me. Every other game that I own works perfectly online which leads me to believe it's something with the servers. Odd that its not happening for everyone.
  3. Anyone getting lots of lag in this game? Teleporting, and people walking into walls constantly. Then I'll get a game that's perfect, then right back to the lag so I have a feeling it's not me
  4. Was playing doubles with a friend of mine and we were winning then we both mysteriously lagged out we got hit offline and actually had to call our ISPs to fix our internet because it really messed with our routers (he actually had to get a brand new one). I hope your MCC rank was worth my friend having to buy a new router. Can't wait to be done with this game haha
  5. I was in the voting screen for a game and it was 4v4, a couple of seconds into the voting a random player joined making it a 5v4. I'm convinced this game literally wants to be broken haha. Proof: https://account.xbox.com/en-us/gameclip/68dedf9d-e7c9-47c0-952f-2ea5e8ee88f8?gamerTag=z%20Witness%20z&scid=77290100-225e-4768-9373-98164430a9f8 Also notice the incredibly uneven teams by rank.
  6. Consistently getting uneven teams all of a sudden. For the first time since like 3 updates ago. Thought you guys were crazy saying you were getting uneven teams for a while haha. And now a player in my party was put on the opposite team.
  7. The details for the "Stick With It" achievement where you have to play the game 3 months into release should changed to "play the MCC while it's in the beta phase"
  8. Obama gotta comment on the Master Chief Collection at the State of the Union address. He's gotta stop ignoring the real issues in this country.
  9. It's an RRX. Just didn't shoot normally before that last double shot. You can go straight into a double shot, don't need to be shooting before hand, although it probably helps most people with the timing by shooting normally before the actual RRX combo
  10. Love this game when it works. Doing this is one of the most satisifying moments you can have in gaming. xboxdvr.com/z+Witness+z/7308c363-8ebc-4b2b-9d21-685ef5de609f
  11. Yea just saw that post. I feel like they're related. If they fix the respawn glitch then it would take away those weird glitches theoretically.
  12. Idk if this is a known glitch or not but I was playing some Halo 2 hardcore and it appeared that an enemy's dead body was able to return the flag haha. https://account.xbox.com/en-us/gameclip/8b901edf-3763-4bf8-9970-7fd189677ae7?gamerTag=z%20Witness%20z&scid=77290100-225e-4768-9373-98164430a9f8 As if 343 didn't have enough stuff to fix
  13. Halo 2 classic is completely unplayable. Shots don't register, getting stuck in respawn constantly, SMG starts, players teleporting. Just bad How does Halo: CE feel better online than Halo 2? Haha. Absolutely loving Halo: CE, the best part of the collection
  14. Yea found a match in like 12 seconds first game was a 4v4, great connections. Second 5v3 on lockdown.
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