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  1. Envy


    GT: Kaiderf
  2. Envy


    Enjoy Envy
  3. Please show support and watch my trailer. Give likes, subscribe and share please and thanks!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVNsKdUAjD0
  4. Envy and Taulek looking for 2 solid players to go big. Need dedicated players that are willing to grow together. HMU to run GT: Enjoy Envy
  5. Looking For Dedicated Team...no egos please lol GT: Enjoy Envy hmu to run
  6. GT : Enjoy Envy Ex VWS Team Member T16 HCS Cup Dont waste my time , Wont waste yours
  7. I am looking for a team to go to future events and make some noise this season. Ex VWS Team member GT: Enjoy Envy Twitter : BeyondEnvy Let me know as soon as possible
  8. GT : Enjoy Envy Been away for awhile . Just getting back ex VWS team member
  9. ex VWS member and I left due to teammates and other reasons within the team. I am looking for an already established Dedicated team looking to run. I run am a top tier Main Slayer with tournament experience in every halo. East Coast pref. Message me or contact me through [email protected]
  10. Entity is looking for one dedicated teammate. We want to get better as a team.. We play under an org with full and partial sponsors. GTs: Enjoy Envy | Avexius | Swaeigh | ??? Twitter: @BeyondEnvy
  11. Team Name: Musa eh & Enjoy Envy We been inviting them for 20 mins . they havent joined or invited . Winner : Musa eh & Enjoy Envy Round Number : 2 Score : 2-0(No shows)
  12. Team Name: Musa eh & Enjoy Envy Winner: Musa eh & Enjoy Envy Round Number: 1 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)
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