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  1. Your mileage may vary, but I've only seen lag in the H1 playlist one time and it was incredibly obvious.
  2. Grenade splash damage from the PR spawn. At the beginning of the clip, there is no grenade explosion there. After you die, there is an explosion half way into the wall on the PR spawn. Why the splash damage went through the floor and into the tunnel is a question I'm not going to get into, but that's what happened. That, or it was A SPOOKY GHOST!
  3. Interesting read. @@Teapot - hard to really tell how 10sens plays into the data from that link, but my guess is that unless you're doing some 1080s as you jump off of the plat on Warlock or something, you're probably below the threshold to really feel significant effects of aim acceleration, haha. Reading that also made me really miss playing SR, for some reason. I'm still really proud of the fact that I was the only person who played in Halo 2 open bracket and Shadowrun open bracket at the same event, ha; what a crazy weekend that was. Anakin was NOT happy.
  4. Correct, though I can't really speak to what it's like playing on 10 sens, haha. Honestly, H2 in MCC feels fantastic to me at this point. Cross-map shooting feels great, and it's obvious that my opponents are having the same success as they light me up. Whenever I see complaints on here about shot registration, I have to assume someone is playing a completely different game (aside from the very rare games where there is an obvious bad host). Perhaps some of it is that my reference point for Halo 2 being thousands of hours on XBL with "broadband" Internet in 2005 and I haven't played a ton of other Halos after H2, where the registration must have been better. Just in terms of OG XBL H2 to MCC XBL H2, the shot registration in MCC is exponentially better - almost feels like a completely different game to me, as someone who has always preferred to battle from long range better never had the internet to make it worth while.
  5. Not sure if it's the case in this instance, but there is definitely some oddness with quickly switching weapons after firing rockets - I'm not sure if it's a server issue or a game issue, to be honest. Can anyone else back this up? I've had it happen about half-a-dozen times, typically with the sniper secondary on Chill Out.
  6. The way to sell me on Halo 5 is to convince me you learned from MCC, have plans to continue to fix the product and a clear vision for doing so, and facilitating intelligent discussion with some of your most critical, but invested, fans on how to produce a game that is competitive AND fun. I know I live in an unrealistic, idealized world, but it's nice to dream sometimes...
  7. I'd love if @@Frankie or someone else from 343 would come and have a calm, level conversation with us about the state of the game, their plans for continued support, bugs on their radar, etc. It'd be a really good way for them to build some community goodwill back up before Halo 5. Just loop us in on where their heads are at - what should we expect over the next few months? What are they prioritizing with MCC? Doesn't have to be overly official - doesn't have to be full of promises and guarantees - just would be really nice to get a candid state of the union of some sort that's not Bravo's marketing blog (no offense, Andy - I know you're just doing your job).
  8. I'm kind of enjoying matching up with the same people over and over again. It's almost like we're playing customs, haha
  9. It's almost comical that matchmaking was done right 10 years ago and a non-zero number of publishers still can't even emulate that...
  10. The other thing most players are glossing over as well is that it dramatically affects your decision making in games. I now put myself in positions I normally wouldn't because the fear of quickly being killed isn't really there, especially against unskilled opponents. It's a completely different game with how the pistol works right now. Fights are honestly comical sometimes...
  11. What are the chances a fix to HCE comes as a hotfix? Or do we have to wait several weeks to play the game in any meaningful way?
  12. If the H:CE change was unintentional, there is a seriously lack of competence at 343. There is absolutely no reason why that shouldn't have been caught in regression testing. If it was intentional, it represents a clear lack of understanding fundamental game mechanics. Either way, it's another huge red flag related to the team at 343. It's not even worth playing in its current state. If anything, the outcome of pistol battles has become more random given the impossible skill required to reliably shoot the pistol.
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