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  1. Been busy with college graduation and life lately but just tuned into St. louis stream to see hella changes. What have I missed over the last month? What happened to E6? Someone catch me up
  2. 343 should take a page from the NFL and start fining players for excessive teabagging
  3. Another day at the office Snakebite, nothing to see here. https://oddshot.tv/shot/eSportsArena/UzpvCcXxvCdJw66tIntWc9yh
  4. I'm sure playing with 3 of the best halo players in the world, who are also great friends, makes it somewhat easier, but how do you keep from getting burnt out playing so many hours of a video game?
  5. For those unaware, if you're a student you can get prime for $49 annually. 100% worth the $50 especially with the new Twitch features.
  6. Would it be frowned upon for me to have all of these in my sig?
  7. This seriously made my night. Maybe it's cause I'm high idk https://oddshot.tv/shot/Ninja/UzqaDXvmaDVKn6lG9jpbLYvB
  8. I said what's up from America and he didn't respond so fuck NZ halo
  9. So I catch up on 20 pages and find out Cratos is a pile of shit Anything new happening?
  10. T2 is a fucking savage https://oddshot.tv/shot/Halo/Uzr16m-T16lAZ4JQIdL9o5jT
  11. Why are you so cynical? Orgs can gain exposure in Halo they wouldn't otherwise get
  12. Is there any substance to the CLG/Optic buyout or pure speculation? I gotta agree with others based on given info thus far, it's kind of a dick move by Hecz to drop the whole team so close to pro league.
  13. Just caught up on the Stellur Intel, anyone know WHAT the reasoning is for dropping him?
  14. You're a saint. Not that I couldn't find this myself but you did the legwork, appreciate it @@TheSimms
  15. Also went with Naded No disrespect to the other choices but Naded just does everything in game exceptionally well IMO
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