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  1. Not in Florida yet but I will be moving there around the first week of April. Gonna be living in St. Augustine. Would def be down for some LANs. I have 4 original xboxes and 4 copies of Halo 1 so if anyone wants to have some Halo 1 LANs then I have the equipment. Also if ya wanna play sometime on live then go ahead and add me GT: Zarnerz
  2. I mostly play Halo 4 at the moment but I also have Ghosts on Xbox One so I wouldn't mind having some people to play that with too. Pretty much everyone I used to game with quit and I've been lone wolfing it up for way way too long. Just looking for some chill people to play with who can hold their own online. Also if you have an Xbox One and are planning on getting Titanfall then you can add me as well as I'll need people to play that with.
  3. 1. cT's LANtage Episode 4 A New Hope 2. Ogre's Winter WonderLAN'd - shooK On3 3. MLG's Golden Era - A Final Boss Montage 4. Illinois Lantage 4 - Jeenyus 5. Phurion - Into the Trance honorable mention: Maptacular - Insidious Non-Halo: Incorporated 2 - Clayman (CS:S), 9 lives - Stevy (Cod 4), Decerto 2 - Face the Pain (Cod 2), Annihilation 2 (CS 1.6), Full Metal 3 (BF3)
  4. Gt: Zarnerz From Boone County but I go to Marshall right now so I'm in Huntington. Haven't played much H4 for a while but have been playing some H3. Hit me up if ya want.
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