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  1. I'm super down for this. I have 2 monitors I can bring, 2 original xbox's that fully work (as well as 2 more that work sometimes bit probably need repaired), 4 copies of halo 1, 8 original xbox controllers (1 duke), an 8 port switch and a ton of ethernet cables, an xbox one and 2 controllers with 1 copy h5 and MCC installed on box. Saturday evening/nights would be perfect for me and could probably make friday evening/nights work as well. Would be awesome if we could get these going regularly. gt: Zarnerz
  2. We are in need of a 4th for the gamersforgiving tournament taking place March 12-13. We will be running tryouts tonight and all weekend. We mainly need to fill a support/obj role but are open to all players. Mainly just looking for mature and dedicated players who want to compete, improve and have a good time. Also need someone who can be on at least 8-11 est everyday. Contact info: GT: Zarnerz Twitter: Dale_Holstein
  3. @ Completely agree. Growing a fanbase/community takes more than just content. While the halo community could use some more content (from the pros especially), we still need people to understand that marketing is just as important, or perhaps more important, for long term sustained growth.
  4. Wasn't sure if anyone had seen this so I figured I'd share. (Finishes his advice/rant just before the 8 minute mark)
  5. Looking for some teams to scrim over the next couple weeks to prepare for St. Louis. Just message me on xbox live if you're interested. TO4 East and West coast GT: Zarnerz
  6. I've won two H1 1v3's so far. Both games my teammates quit within the first few kills. First game was Wizard and I went 46-7. Second game was Rat Race and I went 44-34 and won the game 50-49. Won a battle with the OS guy for last kill (RunningRiot4Fun if you're here I'm sorry for that :P). Also had to comeback from 43-31 or something like that to clutch it Overall, H1 feels good. Damn good. B)
  7. I caught a break and I will now be able to attend UGC St. Louis. I am a dedicated player who will be able to play every evening/night (except for Xmas eve and Xmas) between now and the event. I will usually be on between the times of 7pm-12pm est but on days that I'm off (Monday/Tuesday next week and usually Wednesday/Thursday) I can play much earlier and later. I am committed to improving my gameplay each and everyday and will be able to put in massive amounts of practice time in the week or so leading up to the event. I am confident with my sniper and br but have a tendency to get a little streaky. I can play any role the team would need. Looking for 3 other players who are not ragers or douchebags who are willing to put in the time to try and place well at the event. Scrimming will probably be the most important factor to our improvement so be prepared to do a bunch of scrimming and if you already know of some teams to scrim then that's a plus. You don't need to be a god or anything at the game. But be competent and able to hold your own against decent to good players. Also you must be 100% able to attend the event. No last second backouts please. I would prefer to try out with a TO3 if possible but am also willing to form a team from scratch. I can run games from about 6pm-1am today, then from 8-11pm on Saturday, 6pm-2 or 3am Sunday, then all day Monday, and all day until 11pm on Tuesday so if you are interested then just reply to this thread, send me a message on here, or in Xbox live. GT: Zarnerz
  8. What's up guys, I'm a F/A looking for a team. Unfortunately I work every weekend so I will be unable to play in the HCS online events each Sunday . (I am working on getting a new job/getting a promotion though so this might change). I will be able to attend LAN events after January is over. I will also be available to play pretty much every single day (hours sort of vary depending on my work shifts) for at least 3 hours. On days that i do not work (usually Wednesday and Thursday) I can play pretty much all day. I would prefer to team with people from the east coast (especially if you're from Northeast Florida) and would also prefer to try out with a TO3. Just message me on xbox live if you're interested in trying me out. GT: Zarnerz
  9. Anyone down for some FFA's tonight? Message me on xbl GT: Zarnerz East Coast (FL)
  10. looking to run some 8 man FFA's on multiple maps Message or invite Zarnerz
  11. What's up guys, I am looking for a team for HCS as well as for other online/LAN tourneys. I have some event/LAN experience (Cbus 2012 FFA, and have won a few local tourneys but nothing major) and am looking to team up with some players from the FL, GA area. I currently live in St. Augustine, FL and can only travel up to about 8 hours or so for events at the moment (basically limited to events in FL, GA, AL, SC, NC). I also work full time and don't have weekends off. I usually have Wednesday and Thursday off each week but I have Tuesday and Wednesday off next week so I can run games right when MCC launches. Add me if you want to run some games. GT: Zarnerz
  12. Looking for people to play with for when MCC launches. I'll mostly be playing h1 with some h2 and h2a sprinkled in. GT: Zarnerz
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