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  1. I feel like timer in mm is usually off by a large margin on certain maps in mm. I start timer on second freeze too and the only maps where it seems its usually correct are HH and prisoner. Most others are very inconsistent.
  2. Its annoying to find 5 players fast but ages to find the last one in halo ce playlist.
  3. They need to get ranked playlist cause mm is really no fun like this. Most of the time ppl quit, and if they dont quit your usely teamed up with or against christmas noobs
  4. Wow finally no quitters but this time another idiot in my team. Sigh i give up with this crap
  5. The quitting in halo ce makes that playlist almost unplayable. That + bad teammates. This playlist need ranked cause this is a waste of time
  6. To any of the ce players from eu, ill be streaming tomorrow all evening and probably the whole weekend. I need to get used to pistol again(i played ntsc version at the end of my xbc days but its so long ago), learn spawns and find a timer that actually works. If anyone is down for customs, add me. Gt dislexsik Ps. @@JukkisP is the topdog from europe
  7. Maybe most of the CE players dont like h2? Just a wild guess
  8. Reading all those positive halo ce posts brings a tear in my eye. Cant wait to play halo ce nonstop again lol
  9. When i read about soccermoms testing halo 2 and dual wielding before halo2 came out i knew it was never gonna be close as good as halo ce. The only thing i regret is wasting so much time playing halo 2 trying to get that "halofeeling" again wich was obviously never coming back. But i dont regret the years of fun i had on xbc with hce.
  10. So my post is removed beause i told 343 to go eff themself? Nice Im one of those ppl who took a week of to play halo ce online so dont you think its normal im frustrated? And yes i tried playing customs but its not easy to find ppl to play since im from europe, and i added some ppl from here who didnt even reply when i send them a msg to play h1. I just want to come home and get straight in a h1 game without worrying to play a game im not interested in or waste an hour to find a custom game. But on the bright side, theres light on the end of the tunnel with the announcement, i hope theres still h1 players online by then...
  11. Sorry for that response but im almost run out of patience. I want a HCE playlist now, i dont wanna wait for more "fixes". Matchmaking has improved so far and we are waiting for almost a month now for crying out loud. How difficult is it to just give HCE a seperate playlist. Like others said its a slap in our face how the HCE players get treated. We are tired of waiting. GIVE US A HCE PLAYLIST OR RIOT!
  12. Very true. I understand that they wanna improve gameplay, but why put HCE in a playlist with halo 2/3 already with the dumb voting system, to make us more annoyed? They need to stop teasing us and put it out already and make it like a "beta-playlist". I mean what can go wrong? Its not like it can go any worse then launch. And i dont like the words "near future", cause that usually means atleast a month wich would suck
  13. I understand that they want to fix matchmaking first, but cant they just release a playlist for halo ce already so ppl who bought this game for halo ce atleast have a chance to play it without worrying to end up playing another game? I know for sure that any halo ce fan would be super happy for a halo ce playlist in the current state of this game. Its playable! We played on xbc years ago, we can handle bad netcode if you know what i mean. Its been a month now, come on 343 your really testing our patience. I know i keep ranting about this but i just wanna play halo ce and its so frustrated losing vote after vote after vote sighhh
  14. 7 times in a row that halo ce didnt get voted. Seriously go to the halo2 playlist and not teamslayer playlist if u really wanna play that shitty game. And yes i quit everytime, not my fault that 343 is incompetent. Cant wait for that h1 playlist.
  15. I rather play halo ce on a columbian host then halo 2/3/4 on lan
  16. The matchmaking may be slightly improved but it still gives me no reason to spend an hour to hope and find players in mm who vote h1. I can only truly say #weback when they added a halo ce playlist atleast.
  17. Amen brother.All i want is a halo ce playlist so i dont have to worry for halo ce getting outvoted.I bought this game with the sole purpose of playing halo ce online. And untill now ive played halo ce like 15% of the time. Usually im running around with a smg in matchmaking wondering why the fuck im playing something i dont wanna play. Sorry but i just quit when its a different game thats voted, i dont care anymore. Btw if anyone wanna play halo 1 customs, send me a FR. GT is dislexsik
  18. Man i cant wait to finnally be able to halo ce only. Everytime i pick teamslayer, its a huge gamble and most of the time i lose.
  19. Exactly. I also get annoyed by ppl returning their game because its not fixed yet. I understand the frustration but come on.... Halo 1 online??? Im really dissapointed myself about the status of the game, i took a week holiday for it. But i have patience, i waited for 10 years and if i have to wait a few more weeks or even months its not that big of a deal.
  20. Why dont they just put a halo ce playlist on it already. I understand they want to improve netcode but they already gave it in a playlist already where you have to pray to have ppl vote for it.
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