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  1. Same here I never thought that this day would come....
  2. Quick question: Is the csr icons/emblems in the beta the final versions? As in, will they be keeping them. It might not be set in stone but I found them to be quite bland looking. I hope in the final version they have some pretty good looking ones.
  3. Halo 2 didn't have sprint. I like the fact that you have high hopes for this game. lol Stay positive.
  4. Can we at least shoot while sprinting? Please? I've accepted that sprint is here to stay but I don't want to be vulnerable while using a shitty mechanic. *sigh* I can't bring myself to like this game honestly. We are gonna have to do everything humanly possible during the beta to make sure this game doesn't fail. Gonna have to clear up my schedule.
  5. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/destiny-2-in-the-works/1100-6423373/ lel
  6. This video reminds me of that guy I saw on halowaypoint who claimed that Halo 5 is the potential benchmark for the next generation of Arena Shooters.
  7. Alright, I've calmed down a bit. Here are my thoughts: Smart Scope Sights- What's the point of this? Not sure why they have this but let us vets have the option to switch to the classic scope. It is aesthetic change after all so there should be no problem. Sprinting and Spartan Slide- LOL i want this gone by release. Why can't they just increase the base movement speed in addition to responsive strafing mechanics? I just watched that awful video again and I instantly noticed the spartan swinging his gun around while sprinting. That's a HUGE flaw right there! Players must ALWAYS have their guns up ready to engage in a fight at a moments notice. How do they not notice such a basic thing?! Smh.. ‚ÄčThe damage has already been done(the maps). I am just hoping that they remove sprint from ranked or remove it entirely. Going with the latter. As for slide, I have no problem with it. Ground Pound- Why? Whatever, just give us the option to toggle it off. Spartan Charge (Tackle) - I see no problem here but it will need some tweaks here and there. Thruster Pack - It's nice to see they brought it back. Just remove sprint and keep this in. Clamber (Wall Vaulting) - What? Does this mean no more crouch jumping? no more trick jumps? what is this casual friendly shit? If they still have crouch jumping then i am okay with this. Just make it so it's slower to climb obstacles and that you cant' shoot while performing it, that will add some skill gap. Stabilizers (Hover) - I have no clue what to think of this. Just make it an option as well. This game is a mess but it can be fixed. I will definitely play the beta to give my feedback(that is if they will even listen to us). PS: What the hell is with the Spartans calling shit out? And the announcer? lmao These people have COD in mind.
  8. Okay, so I just witnessed the Halo 5 beta Multiplayer reveal today since i was away...and I must say that the video truly rendered me speechless. Even now, my brain can't compute what i just witnessed. This is mainly from the sprint(WHY!) and thruster pack+slide+Hulk smash combination, mind you. That video disturbed me so much i had to make an account to get some answers. So can someone, please, for god's sake, give me a rundown of what I just watched? I don't feel like reading 100+ pages right now. I simple link will do. I swear, seeing sprint is enough to make my blood boil. Have they not learned?
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